Summer has been over for a while now, but we get a last glimpse of it with the all-new Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2. With this release, Titoni expands its collection with six of these sports watches that combine stainless steel and ceramic cases and modern, attractive looks. As we expect from Titoni, the execution is impressive. We had a chance to go hands-on with the most colorful model in the range. Its light blue, yellow, and black combination makes this Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 an immediate standout. It’s also a great reminder of summer.

I’ll be honest; when I saw an overview of the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 range, the one version we got for review would not have been my immediate pick. Either the all-white or the all-blue model would have been my choice of the six new watches. Having said that, they are also the more obvious, safe picks. Sometimes it’s good to feel a little personal discomfort when reviewing a watch because it allows for surprises. And we most certainly got a few surprises with the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2!

The stylish new Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 collection

When I first laid eyes on the Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2, I thought it looked like a colorful modern dive watch. But that also confused me because Titoni already has a great range of dive watches with the Seascoper line, and this new watch is part of the Impetus collection. If you take a look at the pre-existing Impetus lineup, you will find the Impetus Classic watches. They are visually comparable to the Omega Constellation and compete with the likes of the Tissot PRX and similar watches. With the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2, Titoni takes a big step away from those models.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

So, are we dealing with a dive watch here? Well, although it looks like one, it is not. That’s simply because the watch does not have a rotatable bezel. Consequently, this is a series of modern sports watches rather than dive watches. But looking at the overall aesthetics, some references to familiar dive watches do come to mind. An immediate one is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer, and another is the IWC Aquatimer. It’s a look that I like quite a lot. So overall, I was pleasantly surprised to see this modern aesthetic.

The stainless steel and ceramic case defines the Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

All of the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 watches feature a stainless steel case with a ceramic ring covering the sides. The case measures 43mm in diameter and 50mm from lug to lug, and it has a very dive-watch-esque 300m depth rating. On this model, the brushed ceramic ring with its polished grooves is light blue, and it matches the dial and the rubber strap. Contrasting these elements are the brushed black DLC lugs, crown guards, and angular bezel. The bezel has 12 facets, and it pairs nicely with the angular lugs to give this watch its modern character.

The stainless steel screw-down crown is executed in black and yellow and features a blue ceramic “button” with the Titoni logo. This light blue, black, and yellow color scheme continues throughout the design.

The black bezel features a 60-minute scale in yellow for ultimate contrast, and the complete color scheme continues on the light blue dial. It also features vertical stripes to give the design more depth and texture. The rehaut of the dial is bright yellow and features the 60-seconds scale printed in black. The angular black hour markers fit the overall design nicely and are filled with white Super-LumiNova. But the contrasting hands are what jumped out at me immediately thanks to both their shape and color.

Titoni Impetus Ceram-Tech Zr02

Diving into the details of the dial and hands

The handset consists of, essentially, a baton-style hour and minute hand. However, the black hour hand has a set of yellow wings that drastically alter the overall presence. The minute hand is mostly yellow with a black outline, so it reverses the colors of the hour hand. Lastly, the matte black seconds hand displays a grained texture, bringing some nice detail to it. The dial also has a date window at 3 o’clock, and the disc matches the lume on the hour markers rather than the dial color. On a lively dial like this, I think that is a clever choice. If it had matched the dial, it would have been, somewhat surprisingly, more noticeable. Here, I think that it is integrated nicely.

Titoni Impetus Ceram-Tech Zr02

Zooming in on the dial, indices, and hands in detail shows that every element is executed well. That’s no surprise because, in terms of quality, Titoni does a great job of creating outstanding watches for the price. Every last element looks neatly produced and feels rock solid. The overall feel is great, and operating the crown is smooth and easy.

The eye for detail is also evident in how the light blue rubber strap attaches to the case. Its ends sit flush against it and flow smoothly from the lugs, creating a wonderful profile view. The rubber strap comes with a black DLC pin buckle to match the case and round out the overall look.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

A bracelet option for the Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

But if you prefer a slightly different look, the watch also comes with a black DLC stainless steel bracelet. Thanks to the quick-change system, it is easy to switch between the rubber strap and the three-row bracelet at any time. The style of the bracelet suits the modern design of the watch quite well. I must say, however, that I prefer how the watch looks with the rubber strap. It makes for a colorful timepiece that would be perfect for summer.

The black bracelet is fitted with a micro-adjustment mechanism and a folding clasp with a push-button release. Once again, the production quality does not disappoint. Overall, the bracelet is engineered and produced up to an impressive standard. And while clasps are a much-debated element of many watches these days, Titoni always hits the mark with its excellent clasps. This one does not feature the brand’s characteristic logo release button as the Seascoper models do. But the logo is proudly engraved in the center with the release buttons on the clasp’s sides.

The movement inside

If you turn the watch around, you are greeted by a decorated version of the trusted ETA 2892-A2. It operates at 28,800vph, has 21 jewels, and delivers 42 hours of power reserve. The movement features a gold-colored rotor with a massive Titoni signature. While I would usually like it to be a bit more subtle, I have to say that it fits the bold style of the watch to a tee.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

Wearing the new Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

On the wrist, the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 feels rock solid. After wearing multiple Seascoper models, though, I honestly, didn’t expect anything less. Thanks to the comfortable rubber strap, the watch sits well and maintains a nice balance on the wrist. In terms of presence, this colorful version of the Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 pops. As I said, it is a great color combo for the summer.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

When it comes to functionality, the elephant in the room is whether the lack of a rotating bezel is a negative aspect. Honestly, I do not rotate the bezels of my dive watches other than to play with them. So if I were to miss a rotating bezel, it wouldn’t be for practical reasons. My honest answer is no, I didn’t miss it at all. But I can see that people would be surprised by the lack of a rotating bezel. It looks like a dive watch and feels like a dive watch, but, in reality, it isn’t a dive watch.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

Final thoughts on the Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2

Overall, my impressions of the Titoni Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 were quite positive. While the design is not revolutionary per se, it gives the watch a modern, attractive style. On the wrist, it also felt quite comfortable. Additionally, the level of overall quality is impressive. Every single element is produced to great standards. As a result, it was a joy wearing this new Titoni for a couple of days. When it comes to pricing, the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 models in stainless steel and ceramic will be available for US$2,970. The black DLC version that we reviewed will be US$3,140. That is serious money, and at this price point, competition is fierce. Will the Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 find success? Only time will tell.

In the end, I would have loved to try one or two of the available colors that are more up my alley. As mentioned, the all-white and all-blue versions suit my taste better. The latter is also the more popular color that would make for a great daily wearer. After all, that is what Titoni offers with the new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 line — a range of modern, capable sports watches that are well suited to daily life. If that’s what you’re looking for, considering this new Impetus CeramTech ZrO2 makes perfect sense.

For more information, visit the official Titoni website, and let us know what your thoughts are on the colorful Impetus CeramTech ZrO2.

Watch specifications

Impetus Ceram-Tech Zr02
83765 B-AO-707
Argentina Blue
Case Material
Stainless steel with black DLC treatment and ceramic mid-case ring
Case Dimensions
43mm (diameter) × 50mm (lug-to-lug)
Case Back
Stainless steel with DLC treatment and sapphire crystal, screw-in
ETA 2892-A2 — automatic and hand winding, 28,800vph frequency, 42-hour power reserve, 21 jewels
Water Resistance
Argentina Blue rubber with black DLC pin buckle and black DLC stainless steel three-row bracelet
Time (hours, minutes, central seconds) and date