If you collect watches (or are thinking of starting a collection), keeping them safe and protected is wise. Finding adequate coverage for a collection that could very quickly be worth thousands is essential. In the past, however, finding sufficient coverage from a company with the necessary understanding of and experience in the watch industry was just about impossible. With that in mind, HODINKEE set out to change the insurance experience.

The company formed its own insurance agency, partnered with the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, Chubb, and created HODINKEE Insurance, a modern, streamlined insurance for watch collectors.

Like many watch enthusiasts, the thought has occasionally flashed through my mind — am I covered should some horrible fate befall my collection? Of course, I have sufficient house insurance, valuables coverage, and a few more expensive, explicitly named policies.

But even so, it’s always bothered me how basic a system it is. Worse still, existing insurance policies are often bluntly applied to our very special industry.


The insurers I’ve dealt with know little and care even less about my emotional connection to my collection. Nor do the policies available from many major companies adequately allow for the possibility of value appreciation. I’d be lying if I ever imagined anyone would come up with a form of coverage explicitly designed for watch collections. But, as it turns out, someone did. And, chances are, you’ve heard of them…


Protection made simple

HODINKEE Insurance is an entirely digital product, designed from the ground up with the modern-day consumer in mind. This tailor-made service makes things simple. Thanks to the combined experience of HODINKEE and Chubb, the process is more straightforward than ever.

Depending on the watch’s value, there is generally no need for independent appraisals. You don’t even have to supply original sales receipts or talk to an agent to get a quote or even a policy.


Ease of use

HODINKEE Insurance was designed to be easy to use. From either your mobile device or desktop, you can sign up and immediately receive global coverage with zero deductible, appreciation protection (meaning your watches are protected up to 150% of their insured value), a 24/7 claims department, and a lot more. HODINKEE Insurance was designed to take out the pain points of the insurance process and to get you on your way to enjoying your timepieces knowing that you are covered by the experts. It’s also easy to amend a policy at any point through the customer’s digital profile, where users can add or remove a watch from the policy, download their digital paperwork, and file a claim when necessary.

Learn more about HODINKEE Insurance here.