..if I can still find one that is, they are sold out as it seems. The Sinn142 in steel is one of my favorite Lemania5100 driven chronographs. A pure toolwatch, which is neat to time a pizza in the oven or to check how long it takes to boot a Windows 2000 Server at my work….all kinds of useless stuff that is 🙂

I definately need the German version, because I think it is much cooler than to read an English dial on a German watch. Although these watches were never that expensive while they were available, I never seemed to even think about getting one. Now that they are gone, I need one 🙂 Odd.

Anyway, which Lemania 5100 watch are you going to buy?

From the Sinn142 http://sinn142.nav.to/ site

For the Dutch readers, go here for the official Dutch Sinn site!

  • jean-michel

    If I had only one modern Lemania 5100 to own it would be with no doubts this Sinn 142 , I have personnally choosen the Titanium version : the 142 Ti Ar
    in the vintage category there is an Omega speedmaster lemania 5100 powered in my wish list 🙂

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    That Speedy with Lemania 5100 is in everyone’s list I guess… the holy grail! 🙂

    I have seen the black Sinn 142 as well, quite impressive!

  • neatlittlefellow

    I received mine last week 🙂 one of the last 5 St to leave the factory!
    Still looking for an “old style” bracelet though 🙁
    Maybe my next Sinn/5100 will be the 156 series

    n e a t l i t t l e f e l l o w

  • Robert-Jan Broer

    Hi Neatlittlefellow,

    Maybe Gerard can help you out with the bracelet. He is the Sinn agent in The Netherlands and also contributor to this site.

  • georges zaslavsky


    Nice watch but i presonnally would have baught a 1045 powered speedy with a better movement finish and because it is far more collectable.Personnally I am a 1040 powred speedie and 321 collector but the 1045 is an oustanding high quality movement.My next watch will probably be the 1040 powered diving chrono or maybe 321.
    Good luck what ever you buy rj



  • neatlittlefellow

    Thx Robert-Jan,

    I will mail him for more information.

    n e a t l i t t l e f e l l o w

  • Hi Guys!

    I knew that RJ was interested in a 142, but I didn’t know he was so public about it, LOL…

    I have to agree with JM that the 142 in Ti Ar w/Bracelet would be the ultimate. My Sinn Space One lacks the Ar module, but it has the provision for adding it later. It also has the old style bracelet and I’m interested in the new style one. Anyone know what one costs, how easy are they to find/change with the older pattern bracelet.

    As for the Speedmaster c.1045 models, actually the Mark IV case (176.0012) version isn’t that difficult to find. I see a couple a month cycle through eBay. Matter of fact there is a Mark V (at 666€ with 33 minutes to go) on eBay currently… The Tonneau and TV-Dial models (0015/0016 and 0014/0017 models respectively) are tougher, with the Mark V being yet tougher usually, and the Moonwatch case 376.0822 being the Grail.

    JM, I need to converse with you via email. Would you mind dropping me a line?

    Thanks everyone! Good Hunting!


  • What? Are you guys trying to tell me that my 142St is a collectible watch now? 🙂

  • Yes, especially the black one 🙂