For its ongoing 40th-anniversary celebration, G-Shock is rolling out loads of attractive new models. This latest four-piece drop has been dubbed the Polychromatic collection. It’s a more colorful take on some of the brand’s most popular models and should please fans. Let’s take a closer look at this kaleidoscope of colors.

It’s not a surprise that G-Shock has decided to make colorful pieces. After all, there are a number of aftermarket companies offering modified variants, and they’re doing it successfully. There’s something comforting, though, about buying exactly what you want directly from the factory. The warranty, the quality, and the availability all can make it a more reassuring experience. So let’s consider the G-Shock Polychromatic collection an OEM opportunity to satisfy those who enjoy a splash of color on their dials.

The G-Shock 2100 Series Polychromatic

The first two Polychromatic G-Shock models fit within the popular octagonal-shaped 2100 “CasiOak” series. The 44.4mm × 49.8mm full-metal watches are 12.8mm thick. They come on metal bracelets and include color gradation on their indexes and hands. The GM-B2100BPC-1A retails for €629 and features a black-coated case with orange and red tones against a black dial. On the brighter side, the GM-B2100PC-1A is priced at €579 and employs a natural stainless case with purple and blue hues on its indexes and hands. Neither of the color additions is over the top, and both work well with the overall design.

Of course, since these are G-Shock models, the Polychromatic watches contain a full set of features, including shock resistance and water resistance to 200 meters. They feature Bluetooth phone connectivity for time setting, Tough Solar charging, a World Time mode with 38 time zones, a stopwatch, alarms, and more. An LED light keeps the dial visible in darkness as well.

The G-Shock 5000 Series Polychromatic

The second set of G-Shock Polychromatic watches uses the sturdy and traditional 5000 “Square” series as its basis. In these models, aside from individual case colors, the dials are relatively similar. Both 43.2mm × 49.3mm watches make use of glass vapor deposition on the underside of their crystals to create the blue/green gradation. The 13mm thickness is reasonable for such tough, robust watches. The black-cased GMW-B5000BPC-1 retails for €629 and has a black digital display with a red border. The GMW-B5000PC-1 has a stainless case and bracelet and a lighter digital display. It is priced at €579.

Like the 2100 Series models, these watches are also water resistant to 200 meters and come with a full suite of features. These include Bluetooth phone connectivity, solar charging, alarms, a stopwatch, and more. Once again, there’s also an LED light for nighttime use.

Final thoughts

I’ve had the opportunity to go hands-on with full-metal G-Shock watches, and I’ve been sorely tempted to add one to my collection. They look really good, especially for the price, and they feel great. Plus, they bring the same indestructible feel of a standard resin G-Shock. For me, the natural stainless steel 5000 Series model is the pick of the litter. How do you feel about these Polychromatic releases, and will they make buyers think twice before looking at third-party modders?

For more information on the new Polychromatic watches, visit the official G-Shock website.