Today, we’re pleased to announce a new limited-edition watch from Monta. The Skyquest Opalin goes on sale today and picks up where the last generation Skyquest ended. Let’s take a quick look.

At the tail end of 2022, I went hands-on with the second-generation Monta Skyquest and was impressed with just about everything on the watch. While some bemoan the use of the Sellita SW330 “caller” GMT automatic, I could honestly care less. I like using a 24-hour bezel and it just so happens that Monta makes a great one. The watch I reviewed featured a black dial with “gilt” features including the hands and bezel numerals. Today’s Skyquest Opalin follows a very similar format but flips the script on the dial color.

The Monta Skyquest Opalin

The Skyquest Opalin gets its name from — you guessed it — the silvery white dial. The actual name stems from its translucent quality, although that looks pretty tame in the photos (a good thing). If it feels familiar, it is! Monta closed out its first-generation Skyquest with the same color combination in April 2022. That model was produced in a run of just 50 pieces and it sold out quickly. This time, Monta is choosing to celebrate its newest generation with this colorway, so it’s a quick turnaround of less than a year.

Whitish-dialed Pepsi GMTs are interesting watches. I say that because vintage buffs will instantly think of the mythical Rolex 6542 that was apparently made in white for Pan-Am execs. Examples have been found, but even the best and most reputable articles still feel a bit like reading about an Elvis sighting at a remote gas station. Therefore, semi-odes to the old Rolex feel somewhat special and I think that’s what the Skyquest Opalin manages to accomplish.

All the goodness from the standard Skyquest

Aside from the new dial color, there’s nothing else that changes on the Skyquest Opalin from the standard models. As you can see, the indices are surrounded by gold-colored metal, the hands follow suit, and the bezel completes the trio. Notably, the font and minute track are in black, whereas the black dial has gilt printing. It makes sense here to use something darker for legibility. The same fantastic bracelet is in use and it’s worth repeating that it’s one of the best at any price. I’ve mentioned the bezel with its patent-pending turning and it also feels incredibly solid. The wearable dimensions also remain on the Skyquest Opalin and that translates to 40.7mm × 47.4mm × 11.8mm. The Sellita SW330 remains on display via the screw-in case back.

Final thoughts and availability

The Monta Skyquest Opalin is available now on the Monta website and will ship in April 2023. The brand is making just 175 of these, which is a healthy increase over the last Opalin. Refreshingly, pricing does not differ from production models and lists for $2,435. If you refer to my recent article on the Skyquest, you’ll know that I find it to be a real everyday watch that an owner should be proud to wear. This newest release is no different and should please those who enjoy the somewhat uncommon white dial on a sports watch.