After seeing the new Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag limited editions, I immediately thought, “Worn & Wound did it again!” At the end of last year, Worn & Wound released the super cool Nivada Grenchen × Worn & Wound Chronomaster Valjoux 72, a special watch housing that legendary chronograph movement. But aside from the caliber, what was just as remarkable to me was the aesthetic of that watch. It showed that an unusually cool combination of colors changed the look of the Chronomaster completely. Now the Worn & Wound team has done the same with the Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Limited Editions. These two watches look bonkers and fun at the same time.

When seeing a new watch, the first thing that always catches your eye is, obviously, the design. And to be perfectly honest, there aren’t that many times that I am really surprised by what I see. It can be impressive, boring, or intriguing, or it can invoke a plethora of moderate reactions. But genuine surprise doesn’t happen all that often. When I flipped through the press release and pictures for these Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Limited Editions, though, they immediately brought a big smile to my face. “Colorful” doesn’t even begin to describe these two watches. These two special versions of the Super Sea Wolf are simple in their story but brilliant in their execution. Time to find out more!

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

The story of the Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Limited Editions

When I said that Worn & Wound did it again, I meant that the team never fails to surprise me with the colors they pick for their limited editions. It’s the main thing I appreciated about the Nivada Grenchen × Worn & Wound Chronomaster Valjoux 72. The combination of the colors used for the dial, hands, and bezel created a version of the Chronomaster that looked so distinctive.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

Combined with the beads-of-rice bracelet, that watch had a certain cool that I hadn’t seen in a while. I understand it wasn’t a color combination for everyone, but I was immediately sold. That’s why I consider that piece one of the best watches of 2022. The combination of the movement and the looks was simply unique and hard to beat.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

For the two new limited editions, the teams at Worn & Wound and Zodiac decided to turn colorfulness up to eleven. The reason? Laser tag! Wait, what? Yes, laser tag. The idea might have been simple for these two timepieces, but the execution was surely more demanding. It took the collaborating teams two years to come up with the final products. And I must say that these two watches immediately feel unique because there is more to them than just colors.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

Laser tag as a reason to illuminate the watch

The colors and materials of the watches were inspired by three states of illumination while playing laser tag — light, blacklight, and dark. Each of these three situation creates a different experience. To incorporate all the right elements in the watches, they feature photoreactive elements on the dial, bezel, and strap. But before we get into the fascinating details, let me quickly remind you that the Super Sea Wolf is Zodiac’s popular dive watch, which turns out to be the perfect canvas for this extravagant treatment.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

The Super Sea Wolf has a 40mm case that is 13.6mm thick and 49mm from lug to lug. It has a 20mm lug spacing and a 200m water resistance rating as well. This time, the stainless steel case has dark, sleek gray plating to contrast all the luminous materials perfectly. As you can see, though, the lugs also have milled channels filled with luminous material, just like the case bands. In the daylight, they accentuate the case. But once in the dark, all that remains of the case are bright white lines.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

The Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Ultraviolet

The case might be the same for the two models, but the execution of the two watches differs drastically. The first of the two models is the Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Ultraviolet. It features a dark purple dial and bezel. A mint-green ring frames the purple dial and features the minute track executed in purple and fuchsia. The bezel contains a 60-minute dive scale with markings mostly in light blue and mint green. Fuchsia markings then accentuate the 15-minute intervals

The same fuchsia color is also used for the hour markers and the crosshair-like “T” shape on the dial. To top of this colorful combination of colors, the hour hand is executed in a pale blue, the minute hand in purple, and the seconds hand in bright green.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

The Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Infrared

The second model is the Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Infrared, which has a deep scarlet dial and bezel. The dial is framed by a bright white inner circle containing the minute track, which features purple and light blue markings. The bezel displays pink, red, and light orange markings with blue markers for every 15 minutes. The hour markers and “T” on the dial are light blue, the hour hand is dark purple, the minute hand is orange, and the seconds hand is bright pink.

For both versions, an abundance of colors doesn’t seem to work if you just see it written out. But the different colors make perfect sense if you actually see the watches, especially in the context of laser tag. The theme and colors make for two watches that are most definitely not for everyone. I would even say that most people would not even think about these colors in combination with a dive watch. Then again, we have always known Zodiac as a brand that likes to play with bright colors. And while this is a whole new level, if there is one brand I look forward to seeing new colors from, it is Zodiac.

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag

The madness continues in the dark

But if you think that this is all of it, you are mistaken. When the lights go off and the blacklight is turned on, a new experience unveils itself. As you might have seen, the center of the dial features several lines that light up in blacklight, as does the center of the crosshair-like “T.” On top of that, the lume fill of the hands, hour markers, and bezel pip all light up in shades of green and bright blue, depending on which of the two watches we are talking about.

But that’s not where it ends, either. The lines on the case also light up, as does the logo on the crown. The result is two watches that illuminate in a way that I have never seen before. And to come back to the concept again quickly, there are two versions because laser tag is played with two teams. Each team needs to be easily identified to see who is with you and who is against you. These two watches make that very easy indeed.

Oh wait, there is more…

To follow the theme of the watches, their leather straps also come with a pattern of laser lines. We also see this “laser light show” motif return on the specially produced packaging that both watches come in. Under a blacklight, the lines light up brightly to maximize the conceptual impact of the theme. I love that Worn & Wound and Zodiac went to great lengths to make these two watches live up to the concept.

Zodiac has equipped both of these watches with the STP 1-21 caliber. This automatic movement is similar to the Sellita SW200-1 and based on the ETA 2824-2. It operates at a 28,800vph frequency and has 26 jewels and a 44-hour power reserve. According to STP, the movement has an accuracy rating of -0/+15 seconds per day and is tested in five positions. Zodiac has been using STP movements for its watches for years now as both STP and Zodiac are part of the Fossil Group.

My impressions of the Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Limited Editions

By now, you already know that I love these two Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Limited Editions. The idea that someone threw the wild idea out there to make two watches based on a laser tag theme and then actually made that happen is pretty awesome. The idea came from Worn & Wound co-founder and Executive Editor Zach Weiss, who has a background in product and graphic design. But having a similar background, I know how hard it can be to convince brands to get on board and make it a reality.

But that is exactly what Zodiac has done. Furthermore, the effort that the brand has put into it is nothing short of impressive. Apparently, Zodiac’s creative team created the luminous stripes in the case, which is an awesome detail to see. Both watches will be available in a limited run of 282 pieces each. Of each color, 200 pieces will be available today at 19:00 CET or 13:00 EDT for US$1,595.

The additional 82 pieces of every color will go on sale on the official Zodiac website on October 30th, 2023. Shipping of all the watches will start in early November of this year. These are two very cool releases in my book, and I have to compliment both Zodiac and Worn & Wound for bringing this project to life. If I had a spare €3K lying around, I would buy both of these instantly. They are bonkers, loud, and in your face. But most of all, they are cool!

For more information or to buy these striking watches, visit the product page in the Windup Watch Shop. Visit the official Zodiac Watches website for more information on the Super Sea Wolf. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the concept and execution in the comments!

Watch specifications

Zodiac × Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf Laser Tag Limited Editions — Ultraviolet and Infrared
Purple (Ultraviolet) or scarlet (Infrared) with multicolored markings
Case Material
Stainless steel with gray PVD
Case Dimensions
40mm (diameter) × 49mm (lug-to-lug) × 13.6mm (thickness)
Case Back
Stainless steel with gray PVD, screw-down
STP 1-21 — automatic and hand winding, 28,800vph frequency, 44-hour power reserve, 26 jewels
Water Resistance
Leather strap with printed laser lines
Time (hours, minutes, central seconds), 60-minute unidirectional dive bezel
Special Note(s)
Limited edition of 282 pieces of each colors. Comes in special packaging fitting the laser tag theme