With all of the new watches that came our way in 2023, it seems that we overlooked one of the more attractive releases. The Credor Kuon series was first announced in September and went largely unnoticed. We’ll blame it on the fact that these are sadly JDM-only watches. Thankfully, some Japanese sellers are happy to ship overseas and often offer a discount versus retail. It certainly makes these beauties worth looking into…

The Credor Kuon is the latest series of watches from the Seiko group’s most exclusive and premium brand. Sitting alongside the Goldfeather and the Eichi II, the new Kuon takes its name from the Japanese word for “eternity” and is meant to signify the endless flow of time. As we’ll see, the watches in this collection aren’t sports watches but, rather, are geared more toward everyday use. These JDM releases are also significant because they offer a beloved Credor trait — porcelain dials.

The Credor Kuon series

The new Credor Kuon collection contains two references. The GCLX997 features a white porcelain dial with black transfer overlay Roman numeral indexes and dark gray tempered hands. The GCLX999 has a similar dial but with blue bar indexes and blue tempered hands. These watches are stainless steel and contain a blend of polished and matte surfaces. At 39mm wide and 46.2mm from lug to lug, the size should hit the sweet spot for most. Whereas most of the details seem rather traditional, Credor opted for a surprising choice on the bracelet. Notably, it’s an integrated design and contains seven brushed and polished rows with a push-button clasp. Unfortunately, in true Seiko fashion, the links continue to use pins and collars.

Credor Kuon profile

Other specifications include a box-style sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating and an overall thickness of 10.8mm. Interestingly, Credor simply states that the watch is water resistant for daily life. I assume that this translates to handwashing or an encounter with rain. Sellers from Japan list “3 bar.”

The 7R31 is a new and exclusive Spring Drive movement

The Credor Kuon uses a new movement that is exclusive to the brand. The 7R31 is a 30-jewel hand-winding Spring Drive caliber with a 72-hour power reserve. The movement boasts an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month. It’s also beautifully decorated and on display via the sapphire case back. Note the power reserve indicator, which shows the three days in concentric arcs.

Credor Kuon case back

Affordable for a new Credor piece

For those who are not overly familiar with modern-day Credor, these watches are incredibly expensive and often made in very low numbers. Regarding pricing, most Credor models cost between three million and five million Japanese yen. The new Credor Kuon references are priced at ¥1,320,000 (approximately €8,400 at the time of publishing), which makes them relatively affordable. Of course, these watches are not in precious metal. Still, the inclusion of a porcelain dial, a bracelet, and a new Spring Drive caliber should not be overlooked.

The aesthetics of the Credor Kuon

At first glance, it’s hard to deny that these new Credor Kuon models are attractive. Their simple porcelain dials and clean indexes make for a very different look among integrated-bracelet watches as well. Regarding the bracelet, it’s a very curious choice, and I’m not entirely sure I understand it. It gives off a slightly sporty vibe that is only enhanced with crown guards on the case. However, with such a low level of water resistance, I find the stylistic choices somewhat confusing. The press information tells us that the case profile and bracelet design intend to represent a constant flow. Perhaps on the wrist, these design traits translate seamlessly. As far as the case profile, I see a hint of 1990s Seamaster, which isn’t necessarily a negative. It does reinforce my thoughts on the watch looking a bit sporty, though.

Availability and final thoughts

Overall, I like the new Credor Kuon models, and if given the option, I would choose the blue GLCX999 with its more basic indexes. I enjoy the soft, liquid look of porcelain dials and like the fact that Credor is offering a new hand-wound Spring Drive movement sans date. The water resistance wouldn’t bother me for normal use, but I can imagine that we’ll see plenty of feedback on this in the comments section below. As far as the integrated bracelet, I’m conflicted and would need to try one on in person. Of course, as a JDM model, this is the challenge, and I don’t fully understand the decision about regional availability. After all, Credor is available in certain international boutiques, such as the one in London. Still, sites like Chrono24 have listings for these watches, so there are international options. What are your thoughts on this latest Credor model? Is this a game changer for this highly exclusive brand, or is it still too much of a niche offering without the right specifications?

For more information on the Credor Kuon, visit the brand’s official site.

Watch specifications

GCLX997 (Roman numerals) / GCLX999 (bar indexes)
White porcelain with transfer overlays
Case Material
Stainless steel
Case Dimensions
39mm (diameter) × 46.2mm (lug-to-lug) × 10.8mm (thickness)
Box-shaped sapphire with antireflective coating
Case Back
Stainless steel with sapphire display
Seiko 7R31 — manual winding, Spring Drive, three-day (72-hour) power reserve, 30 jewels, accurate to ±15 seconds per month
Water Resistance
Integrated seven-row stainless steel bracelet with push-button clasp
Time (hours, minutes, sub-seconds), power-reserve indicator on case back
Two years