Well, so far I haven’t been the biggest poster on Fratello. Being busy with a lot of other stuff I found it hard to come up with a nice subject for a new post..

But now I found a interesting watch.. The Ingenieur Climate Action. Let’s start with a pic (posted on ThePurists):

Mm.. I actually kinda like the looks. It reminds me a bit of the white Millgauss-funk.

But something isn’t quite right here. Climate Action? Ok, a valid reason for a nice limited edition. With proceeds partially going to the Climate Action Fund, this is a really nice idea I guess. But it is somewhat weird when you’ve got a model in the same range in cooperation with Mercedes AMG in my opinion. Keep in mind AMG is famous for their nice roaring 5.5’s, 6.3’s, 7.3’s etc (that is considered a BIG engine over here, LOL)…

What are your thoughts? I think I could get over it.. the watch looks good 😉 .

  • Hi Dale,

    Thanks for posting in my absence (I am in Singapore). That Inge looks nice! I am not too sure about that ceramic bezel though.

    I do get your point however. Why suddenly promote the Climate Action AND have a cooperation with the house tuner of Mercedes-Benz. It makes no sense supporting the climate action while on the other hand you have a deal with a company that produces massively energy consuming engines/cars. I guess the CO2 output must be enourmeous on the S65AMG for example.

    Oh, I get it! It’s money that makes the world go round. How naive does IWC think their customers are? 🙂

    Nice post Dale!


  • Martijn

    Come on guys! IWC want to be completely CO2-neutral as soon as possible; they make this LE to raise funds to plant a forrest to compensate for all the CO2-output of the AMG’s.

    Also keep in mind IWC’s long standing concern for the enviroment; One of their first workshops in schaffhausen did use a hydroelectric plant to power the facility!


  • @Martijn,

    I have read the interview with IWC in a magazine. It’s a good thing that they use water in Schaffhausen to energize their plant and that they support this Climate Active funds. However, it is rather ironic that they also make money with promoting AMG 🙂

    However, the number of AMG watches left in stores, I hope for all that is green, that this one sells better…


  • Martijn

    @ RJ

    Sorry, forgot the smily! I was kidding of course!
    I dont really have a good scope on the IWC market, but it does surprize me that you state that the AMG models dont sell that well. I thought that most IWC-models where pretty hot commodities.

    This also makes me wonder how well Panerai is doing with their Ferrari-watches……


  • @Martijn:

    Based on the discounts on AMG Ingenieurs compared to the regular Ingenieur and based on the supply of AMG models on watch fairs, Chrono24 etc compared to the regular Ingenieur models.

    You should join us the next time we go to the watch fair in Duesseldorf again 🙂


  • Martijn


    Thanks for the offer RJ! Would be fun to go!
    Have a good weekend!