IWC Ingenieur Climate Action

Dale Vito
April 22, 2008
IWC Ingenieur Climate Action

Well, so far I haven’t been the biggest poster on Fratello. Being busy with a lot of other stuff I found it hard to come up with a nice subject for a new post..

But now I found a interesting watch.. The Ingenieur Climate Action. Let’s start with a pic (posted on ThePurists):

Mm.. I actually kinda like the looks. It reminds me a bit of the white Millgauss-funk.

But something isn’t quite right here. Climate Action? Ok, a valid reason for a nice limited edition. With proceeds partially going to the Climate Action Fund, this is a really nice idea I guess. But it is somewhat weird when you’ve got a model in the same range in cooperation with Mercedes AMG in my opinion. Keep in mind AMG is famous for their nice roaring 5.5’s, 6.3’s, 7.3’s etc (that is considered a BIG engine over here, LOL)…

What are your thoughts? I think I could get over it.. the watch looks good 😉 .

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