Although most IWCs are not my cup of tea, I make exceptions for the Portugieser and the Ingenieur as pictured below. This photo was taken by a TimeZoner by the name of ‘Lauranceyap’ at the IWC Forum.

Actually, this IWC is the only IWC I can see myself wearing in the future. I guess my weakness for integrated bracelets plays part! It is 42mm in diameter and has the inhouse IWC caliber 80110. Pricing seems to be on par with other brands that use inhouse movements or movements of similar quality. In the Sales Corner over at TimeZone and on can find pre-owned 2006 models for around 4000 Euro.

  • Martijn

    Nice one RJ! Integrated bracelets have also for me a special appeal. Perhaps it is because they bring unity in the design or perhaps it is because all the integrated bracelets that I’ve tried so far (AP RO, Rolex OQ’s) are really of remarkable quality and very comfortable on the wrist. Personally I dont even miss not having the option of wearing them on a strap, that in the past this has been my main concern about integrated bracelets.

  • DBruno

    I own one RJ, and it’s worth every cent ! On the secondary market I’ve seen prices as low as $3500-$3800USD…a good price for a great watch

  • Hmmm, as you know I ow one as well since November 2005.

    I just had to sent it back to the repair department of Richemont in The Netherlands last friday. It sounded like the rotor had come loose; the watch had fully stopped and there was a terrible grinding noise inside it.

    Not the thing you want to hear from a 6 grand watch. The fact that they sell so low in price on the second hand market doen’t mean anything positive to me, and most probably has a good reason. Mine wasn’t the first to go down. Unfortunately I’ve heard several similar stories form other owners. I never saw a Rolex or Patek Philippe at half the price when they were one year old…

    However, I must agree that when my watch was functioning fine it was hard to take it off. I used it quite a lot, and in quite harsch conditions (bar tender work) as well.

    I hope to get it back soon, and I’m sure I going to wear it quite often again as well. It’s the kind of watch which you wear if you don’t have inspiration to wear anything else or anything more difficult.



    ps. My new steel-and-gold GMT-II on brown croco leather strap is so beautiful, you sure have to see it 😉


    I have had an IWC Ingenieur since 2006. it is one of about 8 IWCs along with collection of Rolex’s, Breitlings, Glashutte Originals, APs, and one Patek. Becuase i work around electronics constantly, I wear the Ingeniur almost daily and am considering a Vintage Inge as a dress watch. Its a superlative watch and likely the most accurate mechanical watch in my collection. I have experienced no issues with it. Secondary market pricing has no interest to me becuase a fine watch is a luxury or commodity – its not an investment. That being said, I think the only downside is that it very much a stealth watch and that may effect the secondary market pricing. It is not flashy, showy, or a status symbol like some other watches that cost the same or more but much less engineerring and refinement. Specifically, Rolex doesn’t even glare proof their crystals and the one watch they now have that is anti-magnetic to any extent (the new Milgaus) is being touted as a cult collector item like the SS Daytona. Please.