Most of you will know the IWC Mark series, however, Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced a similar watch in the past. The British Military of Defense (MoD) issued watches to navigators in the RAF and later on, also in the Australian RAAF. These watches have been produced by both Jaeger-LeCoultra and IWC. And as you can see below, they appear to be very similar.

With some help of Dale, I stumbled across a site called, that give a lot of background on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark 11 and tries to track them. A very interesting site, and project!

  • Yes, that’s a great site, been around for a while. Those old JLCs are classic and beauties imho. I much prefer them to the IWC models of the last decade or so.

  • It is a great site, never noticed it before. The cases on these watches are really magnificent!

  • These JLCs are very collectible since so few were made compared to those produced by IWC at that time – only 2,950 according to the official count. By coincidence I found the same tracking site myself a while ago and posted on it too! (

    I really like these vintage basic layout pilot style watches. This one – manual wind, chronometer grade, and low production – is a wonderful example.

    Thanks as always for the great posts.

  • Gabriel Chistoni

    A really interesting site,with many intelligent explanations and beautiful pics,showing how marvellous were those mechanical work of art things !



  • TonyC

    I have a MK11 JLC Ex RAAF watch I have had for a little over 12 years.
    I have worn it as an everyday watch since i purchased it.
    It is a sturdy and unbelievably accurate timepiece and has only required servicing twice.

    as Ferris said: “If you have the means i suggest you pick one up”