Just two days ago, I received an e-mail from Dell over at www.jamesbondwatches.com telling me that he is in the progress of creating the most comprehensive list of timepieces used in EON Productions (by Albert R. Broccoli) a.k.a. the 007 movies. His website is all about timepieces in Bond movies, so you’ll find the known big brands like Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Pulsar and Breitling, but there are also a lot of ‘unknown’ watches used in these movies. If you are able to identify the unknown watches or can be more specific about some of the used timepieces, please participate!

Omega Seamaster Professional 2531.80
Picture of this Omega Seamaster Professional 2531.80 by Antiquorum.com

You can find the complete list at: http://www.jamesbondwatches.com/the-list-eon-movies.htm


  • In re-reading your Post here again, Robert-Jan, I was struck again by just how often folks assume understanding – based on someone else’s understanding.

    Not only are there a lot of “unknown” James Bond watches, but also a lot of people to whom it would never occur to think there were unknowns. “The ‘Dr. No’ watch,” for example, turns out to be a stumbling block, because the all-but exclusive focus on Bond’s first on-the-big-screen Rolex Submariner misses the fact that the first watch he’s actually seen wearing on that screen couldn’t possibly be a Sub! (It’s what I call “The Sylvia Trench watch.”)

    That thought-bias continues to “You Only Live Twice,” where it would appear that actually watching the movies wasn’t felt a necessity before simply assuming that Agent 007 wears a Rolex Submariner in that one. (Note: He does not.)

    Yeah, my interest is in James Bond watches–. That’s not for everyone, I know. But the attention to detail, the interest in getting it “right,” well, I think that applies to whatever one’s passion and interest. So I’m overjoyed to find common ground, even if only on the fringes. Besides, if you truly enjoy the persuit, as I do, why cut it short?

    That’s why we’re here!

    Dell Deaton