Social media isn’t always fun. Jasper Lijfering of Amsterdam Vintage Watches learned that the hard way. While being away (and posted about this on social media), his house was robbed. As you might know, Jasper Lijfering uses social media excessively to show his passion for watches and promote his shop in vintage watches. His live-sessions on Instagram and his videos on YouTube are definitely entertaining and educative.

However, by showing the world that he’s not around, it also brought the risk of getting the attention of the scumbags of this world with less good intentions. During his absence – and besides other valuable things – they took his Rolex Datejust reference 6305. Keep your eyes open for this watch please, as it is of emotional value for him.

So, if you are into watches and like to hang-out on the different social media channels as well, please consider or realize the following:

Public or Private?

Is your profile open for everyone? Or do you only allow people you know (and trust) to see the content you publish? Make sure you are aware of this, and make a rational decision. With Facebook for example, you can also decide to whom you want to show the post you publish on your timeline. On Instagram for example, you can also decide to use a nick name that doesn’t lead to your real name.

Participating in Facebook Groups

Do you know who else is in the group? Is it a public or a secret group? Can members see your profile and timeline etc.? (see above) Make sure you are aware of what you publish and in which groups and what other members are in this group.


Sure, it is cool to tag a geo location in a post, on Instagram or on Facebook. However, also realize that either people can find out where you live or notice that you are far away from home (which enables people with bad intentions to give it a try). Be very careful with this option. The same goes for pictures of locations where you currently reside. It is cool to show off holiday pictures, but it might also reveal that you are not at home (nor is the rest of your family etc.).


I actually blocked a couple of persons from my Facebook and Instagram profile to ensure they can’t see any images of my family (yes, I do publish private photos some times) as I certainly don’t trust specific people with these pictures. Sad, but true. Even if my suspicion is ungrounded, or not true, it is my choice and right to do so anyway. You also don’t show your physical photo album to just anyone out there, right?

Also, on a more materialistic note. Think of what you want to publish on your watches and what not. Do you want people to know exactly what your collection is about? Or that you keep everything at home (Please, never do this. Get a deposit box at the bank or specialized company who can facilitate this). Be aware of what you publish and also think of this in combination with the other aspects I addressed. Publishing an image of your entire watch collection on a public profile with the location set to your home address. Worst case scenario.

For some people though, like watch dealers, social media is of great importance to do their business. If you do want or need to use social media in combination with your passion/hobby or business in watches, make sure you are aware of privacy issues and the type of content you publish and what kind of attention this might attract.

Awareness is key.

In the meanwhile, if someone offers you this Rolex Datejust 6305, make sure to contact Jasper Lijfering of Amsterdam Vintage Watches.

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