With the success of the first model, LENVINO Watch Co. returns to Kickstarter to introduce the new brand for you “LECRONOS”

LENVINO believe that vintage is timeless. It represents the best of its kind and denotes its high quality from the past. They applied this philosophy in making their watch. They used the most premium materials, traditional craftsmanship and unique design to create this authentic timepiece.

LECRONOS is inspired by the word of ‘chronometer’, meaning high accuracy and precise. The second collection – The “Race for vintage collection” is a nod to the features of classic sports cars. The vintage tachometer featured a dial design at its core, equipped with a reputable Japanese automatic movement. They also offer interchangeable Milanese strap and racing style Italian calf leather strap. Besides, they used an innovative approach to differentiate both the hour-hand and minute-hand.

Watch Movement

The Seiko NH35A movement is known to be a reliable and highly accurate automatic movement which is one of the most popular automatic movements for many watch brands. It is a self-winding mechanical movement, with a hacking function and bi-directional winding system, an accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds a day, power reserve of 40 hours and mechanisms gleam with 24 jewels as it vibrates at 21,600 beats per hour. Seiko NH35A is providing accurate and reliable time-keeping functionality to the “Race for Vintage” collection.

Design: Dial and hands

The dial finds inspiration in the tachometer of the 70s-80s vintage sports car. To differentiate the design from huge fashion watches that are going out in same, they stripped away all unnecessary elements from the dial, focusing exclusively on the crystal design. The dashboard featured dial design is printed on the inner side of the sapphire crystal.

In order to help the user can read the time clearly, a creative approach to the time display was required. Normally, people will look at the outer part of the watch to find the hour then the minute. On this watch’s dial, the outer ring hosts the hours markers and the inner ring the minutes. Both are indicated by differently colored hands, red for the minutes and white for the hours, while a disk indicates the seconds.

Dial variations include 1.dark grey and silver, 2.black and silver, 3.all black, 4.dark grey and khaki 5.light grey and silver 6.black and gold

Design: Case and Mirror

Viewed from the side, the dome sapphire crystal joins the case back flawlessly through a smooth curved surface. The streamlined case is more than just an elegant design feature – it also allows for a slimmer profile. A screw-down transparent caseback with vintage car wheel’s rim design prints pattern from the rear, allowing you to enjoy every movement of the laser brand marked movement rotor and balance wheel motion. The metal parts are made from 316L stainless steel, which translates to greater corrosion resistance and durability in high temperatures.

Design: Strap

They are offering two kinds of straps for the backer to choose: Racing style Italian leather strap and Milanese straps.

Their Racing style interchangeable watch straps are made from genuine Italian calf leather. The strap design is inspired by the racing gloves and punched with patterned holes for styling and cooling. The strap will also come with the polished 316L stainless steel buckles and engraved with our brand name “LECRONOS”. The straps have a width of 20mm x 18mm, a unisex functional length suitable for most customers, and 7 holes for adjustment. The wristband contains a quick release spring bar, so that the straps can be swapped in seconds without the need for special tools.  They are available in five different colors: (1) Dark Brown, (2) Navy Blue (3) Brown, (4) Black and (5) Grey

Their Milanese straps are made from 316L stainless steel and come with an adjustable buckle which can be adjusted for every wrist size and engraved with our brand name “LECRONOS”. If you selected the Milanese straps, the plating color will be same as your watch case color.

They are available in four different plating colors: (1) Silver, (2) Black, (3) Khaki gold tone, and (4) Rose gold tone.

Price and Package

LENVINO are offering directly via Kickstarter, they are able to cut out the retail channel, middlemen markups, brand exclusivity/scarcity, and offer a US 149 automatic watch with the most premium materials and vintage-inspired design. Seriously, try to find a better watch for a better price, and they will match it.


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