Browsing through the catalogue of MARCH LA.B is like watching an episode of HBO’s Mad Men. As a tribute to vintage watches, MARCH LA.B introduced a line-up of interesting timepieces that wouldn’t look bad on Don Draper’s followers.

Clearly being a ‘design’ brand, which normally would not be something that appeals to me, the models they’ve created are very similar to the real thing of the 1960s. After having had a look at their website, I was even more certain that the people behind the MARCH LA.B brand are very capable of providing great design and creating interesting timepieces.

Obviously, they are not targeting at watch collectors or aficionados only, as they also incorporated quartz (Ronda) movements which is a pity in my opinion, as they are leaving out a large group of people that otherwise would be even more interested in buying a MARCH LA.B watch.

On the other hand, using a quartz movement does keep the price under a certain (affordable) level and – you wouldn’t think so – a lot of people still don’t seem to be caring about mechanical movements anyway ; – ).

One of the watches from the catalogue that grabbed my attention is the AM1 Automatic _Black. A 40mm mechanical timepiece with that typical 1960s case design, dial and hands. Even the wording ‘Automatic’ uses a typical 1960s font that could probably be found on the dashboard of certain cars as well, in chrome of course. This watch comes on a black leather lizard strap and has a crown at 4 o’clock.

The movement that MARCH LA.B used is an ETA 2892-A2 with the company logo engraved in the rotor.

Price is set to $1645.- USD and available through their webshop at

  • Very simple and very elegant!  Love it!

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  • If we have to go for a “Faux vintage” I would personally prefer a Robert Lighton, but MARCH LA.B most certainly knows how to practice good, solid marketing with the Shelby link and Steve McQueen inspired movie clips. A pitty they didn’t decide to dedicate these talents to a more high end brand because I think that most watch enthousiasts will go for the real vintage pieces. And let’s be honest, for US$1.645,- you can buy a modest Hamilton/Bulova collection, which in those “good old days” still came with manufacture movements….. 

    • Hi Martin,

      Sadly, from my own experience I can say that the quality of Robert Lighton timepieces is disappointing. Also, they are not available anymore (or it must be pre-owned / NOS).

      Of course, 1600 USD will buy you a nice vintage piece as well, but for the people who want a new watch (warranty or just don’t like the ‘pre-owned’ thing of watches) MARCH LA.B is an excellent alternative in my opinion. As I’ve written in my article, I don’t think that MARCH LA.B is aiming at the ‘real’ watch enthusiasts but more to the “GQ-readers”.