Welcome, one and all, to the first round proper of March Mania 2021, here on Fratello. Are you a watch maniac like we are? If so, you’re sure to love our month-long feature. 96 watches reviewed last year line up for a battle royale (no Happy Meals here) like nothing that’s gone before. We need your votes. We want your comments. Help us decide the champion and share in its glory! Let the games commence…

In this first round proper, your task is a bit different from your task in the preliminaries. Below you will find the eight remaining timepieces of each of our Fratello competitors in four head-to-head contests of two timepieces. The seedings in the preliminaries dictate the match-ups. So it’s number 1 vs. number 8, number 2 vs. number 7, number 3 vs. number 6, and number 4 vs. number 5. Vote for your favorite in each of the matchups.

The remaining eight watches per competitor represent your favorite watches that we covered here on Fratello throughout 2020. Why not refresh your memory by clicking the links and reading those eruditely penned odes to wrist-wear? Once you’ve made your selection, vote using the poll form below. Every vote counts because only the top four will make it through to the next round.

Login to your Fratello account and drop us a comment. Who did you vote for and why? What’s your prediction for the later rounds? Will the Omega Speedmaster 321 triumph once again… Who knows? You decide!

(1) A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Lumen Vs. Omega Speedmaster 345.0802 (8)

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Lumen

Choosing the Datograph was clearly a smart move as most of the votes came in for this watch making it the clear and obvious winner. Not even with a small gap, but with a massive one as it got almost twice the amount of votes compared to number two. So this watch clearly deserves a spot in the final, all you have to do is vote for it again. There aren’t many watches on my wishlist and although the Datograph is way out of my league if money weren’t an issue I would’ve pulled the trigger on one shortly after seeing it for the first time. Like all Lange watches the design is simply spot on. It is exceptionally well balanced. I’m curious to see where the A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Lumen will end in this challenge. I think it could go all the way…

Omega Speedmaster 345.0802

While the Lange was the clear winner, I feel somewhat sad that the Speedmaster 345.0802 didn’t get more votes. Ever since it crossed my path some five years ago, it’s been one of my favorite watches. It probably has something to do with the fact that you just need something gold after 40. Compared to other gold watches, this neo-vintage watch is simply hard to resist. However, I have to admit that it spends most of its time in the safety deposit box at the bank. Due to the fact that it’s a rather rare watch, in near mint condition and full gold just doesn’t make it something you would wear on a daily basis.

March Mania: First Round Proper — Round EIGHT — (1) V (8)


(2) Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 1 Vs. Seiko Prospex SLA039 (7)

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 1

The one Speedy that needs no introduction. This watch celebrates five years of how amazing the watch community is. Without you, dear readers, this watch would never have seen the light of day. Its popularity also shows that when you let watch people actually design one, it turns out to be a great success. It simply doesn’t need a lot of words as it speaks for itself.

Seiko Prospex SLA039

When you are positioned against the Speedy Tuesday 1 you slowly become aware you’re cornered. However, you won’t, and should never, go out without a fight. So if you want something other than the usual suspects, the Seiko Prospex SLA039 is the way to go. Great quality and — what’s even better — you can actually buy one without paying a whopping premium.

March Mania: First Round Proper — Round Eight — (2) V (7)


(3) Rolex Submariner 116610 Vs. Omega Seamaster 2531.80 (6)

Rolex Submariner Date

Rolex Submariner 116610

And there it is. Many guessed this little black number would run out as the winner of my prelims. But it didn’t. Yes, it made it into the top three but “only” managed to take the bronze. It is still one of the most sought-after watches which is understandable. The iconic design has only been slightly altered, keeping the original DNA intact. In my opinion, the Submariner has been updated for a modern audience in the best way possible. The Submariner is the diver of divers for a reason. And yet, regrettably, it’s nearly impossible to buy one without having to fork out too much money which is also the main reason not to buy one.

James Bond Seamaster 300M 2531.80

Omega Seamaster 2531.80

While the price tag for one watch is the reason to look at something else, for this one it is the reason to pull out the bank card. This model is definitely underrated and because of that, it is a great bang-for-buck diver. You simply can’t go wrong with the Omega Seamaster 2531.80. It took me too long to appreciate this watch to the fullest due to the bracelet. After wearing it on nato and the funky rubber Seamaster straps for most of the time, nowadays I (finally) enjoy it on the bracelet most of the time. Another reason why the Seamaster is an awesome watch, it came in multiple sizes. My better half loves the mid-size I bought for her.

March Mania: First Round Proper — Round EIGHT — (3) V (6)


(4) Grönefeld 1941 Principia Vs. Tudor Pelagos (5)

Grönefeld 1941 Principia

The only independent watchmaker on my list are the Grönefeld brothers. And you gave them 4th place (damn you Submariner) in my selection of 12 watches. The Grönefeld clearly deserves its spot on the rundown, and I’m glad the G-bros’ craftsmanship and design are appreciated. That’s something they definitely deserve. Back in the day, we used to visit them to recharge with a freshly drafted beer.

Tudor Pelagos

While I can’t state often enough that the incredibly popular Black Bay models lack the full snowflake configuration, the Tudor Pelagos fills that gap. The only downside to this watch is the thickness of the case which is counterbalanced by the fact that it is made in titanium. Tudor did a great job designing the Pelagos as an original diver with a hint of the brand’s heritage.

March Mania: First Round Proper — Round EIGHT — (4) V (5)

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