Although Chuck Maddox wrote that the only true Mark V is a Speedmaster Mark V with caliber 1045 movement, I hereby add the German Special from 1982 with caliber 861 movement to ‘Mark V’ as well. 🙂

Yesterday (and today) a fellow from a large ICT company configured a server for one of the companies I work for, I noticed at lunch that he was wearing a Speedmaster ‘Mark V’. It slipped my mind that it probably would seem a bit ‘sick’ to start about his watch, but on the other hand, this watch probably cost him quite some money, and since it is quite scarce, I decided to go ahead.

He bought this watch in 1982 (which is the only year Omega produced it, for the German market. Productionnumber unknown) and he still has the booklets and bills of the watch. He lost the box somewhere in time.

The watch looks great for its age, and it should, it is getting serviced every 3 years and had a major overhaul 2 years ago. He told me he wants an automatic version, because he forgets winding it quite often.

I told him when he considers selling it, he should contact me again. However, I really meant it when I told him he should keep it because it is quite special. At least I would regret selling such a watch I think. Especially when I bought it new that long ago.

Anyway… I see quite some Speedmasters in the flesh here in my town and in The Hague, but never these kind of ‘specials’. Below you see a picture of the exact same watch, photo taken by Chuck Maddox.

Photo by Chuck Maddox

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  • Chuck Maddox

    Ironically, thanks to Omega, there are other watches people call Mark V as well… For instance: This instruction manual pictures a 176.0014/376.0805 (TV Dial/Bar Bracelet) and is chock-a-brock full of references to the Mark V.

    Interestingly, I’ve been calling the c.861 German Market (or Teutonic) 1982 Speedmaster’s Mark V cased Speedys for a number of years, even though they pre-date the release of the Mark V in 1984 by two years. I think “German Speedmasters” or “Teutonic Speedmasters” or “Mark V-styled Cased Speedmasters” is a little more accurate or descriptive, but I don’t think anyone will outright call you wrong for referring to them that way.

    None of these cased Speedmasters (or the non-Speedmaster Moon phase in a similar case) is easy to find. The Silver and Black Dial Stainless Steel c.861’s seem to be the most common. Likewise the “actual” (as marked on the dial) Mark V is very difficult to come by. If one is serious about obtaining one and sees one offered they should be prepared to bid high for there seem to be fewer and fewer offered these days.

    My congratulations to him on a rare Speedmaster.

    — Chuck

  • Thanks for your comments Chuck! Ofcourse, I used your page as a reference for this ‘Mark V’, or better ‘German Speedmaster’. I also showed him your work and he was impressed by it. However, I still don’t think he was really convinced that he should keep it, he just keeps forgetting to wind it sometimes 🙂

    I did my best.

    Best regards,


  • Chuck Maddox

    I’d offer him a deal… Tell him to keep his Gray c.861 German while he looks for a Mark V, and you’ll keep your eyes open for a suitable Mark V too. If you find one you’ll notify him and vice-versa. That way, if he has a reason to sell, he’ll be in touch with you.

    Good Hunting to you both (and I’ll keep my eyes open too!)!

    — Chuck

  • georges

    I have seen a mark V for a price of 3200€ last time but perfectly nos.That makes you think before buying it. And even a 861 teutonic speedmaster is near 2900€ here in France. I think you must check which watches are sold at various vintage watch retailers and probably see what can be done.German speedmaster models are growing up in value every year plus they are very unusual as compared to the other speedies.

  • Stephen Burnard

    I have one of these with box & documents from sale in 07/82. Minor scuffing to base of band otherwise watch is as good as new. I have rarely worn it as I always found it a little too heavy on the wrist. Let me know if you are interested.

    Regards, Steve.