In the current world of watchmaking, it’s always an achievement when a brand develops its own genuinely in-house caliber. The time, money, and know-how required to achieve such a feat is not small. With its MSA01 movement, MeisterSinger did just that, and now the German brand presents the second generation of watches to use this beautiful automatic caliber. Allow me to introduce the MeisterSinger Singularis.

MeisterSinger set up shop in the German city of Münster, Westphalia, in 2001. Since then, it has dedicated its time and effort to producing a range of exceptional mechanical wristwatches with character. In a world of cookie-cutter concepts, you can’t say that MeisterSinger hasn’t gone its own way. MeisterSinger’s mechanical watches are famed for displaying time using just a single hand. This hand is longer and more tapered than a conventional hour hand and points to the fine, five-minute markings on the edge of the dial. The concept is inspired by old church towers, townhouses, and table and wall clocks that also utilized a single hand. MeisterSinger’s motto, “It’s not the minutes and seconds that count — it’s the moment,” encourages people to relax and enjoy life rather than watching it tick away.

The MeisterSinger MSA01

Let’s start by appreciating the MeisterSinger MSA01 movement in all its German glory. While Switzerland may produce the movement, it’s classically German in design. It’s clear the brand’s watchmakers paid careful attention to the MSA01’s finishing. Beautiful circular graining dominates, with beveled, highly polished chamfers, and the engraving with gold inlay adds subtle detail. The brand’s watchmakers have partially open-worked the automatic rotor, allowing a peek at the movement beneath. All this is visible through the display case back.

The brand has put the twin mainspring barrels at front and center. These two barrels give the automatic movement an impressive 120-hour power reserve. Its in-series design ensures the simultaneous winding of the barrels and smooth power delivery to the movement, guaranteeing chronometer-like precision. To highlight how impressive the MSA01 looks, it’s worth pointing out that it was the first watch movement ever to be awarded the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

Introducing the MeisterSinger Singularis

The MeisterSinger Singularis maintains a very German, no-nonsense aesthetic focusing on the watch’s core responsibility — to tell the time. It’s business up front and party ’round the back. The new case is based on the iconic case of the MeisterSinger classic N°03. It’s a relatively laid-back silhouette with a slim bezel, allowing the dial to take center stage. The dial uses a rich shade of blue with a sunburst effect to add a vibrant touch of detail.

Aside from the applied steel hour markers, everything else is bright white to allow excellent legibility, from the small 24-hour track on the dial periphery to the large primary 12-hour markers and the minute track. Even the sizeable single hand is bright white, creating a visually uniform look. It’s hard not to appreciate the excellent contrast here. There’s nothing flashy, yet it’s an attractive watch. MeisterSinger even cleverly integrated the date at six o’clock into the dial design to avoid breaking up the cleanliness.

MeisterSinger Singularis pricing and availability

This is a handsome everyday watch and one that is likely to appeal to many, thanks to its combination of simple legibility and beautiful movement. Even the cognac saddle leather strap is the perfect color combination with the luscious dial. In all, I believe the MeisterSinger Singularis is an excellent way for the brand to continue the celebration of its in-house MSA01 caliber. The MeisterSinger Singularis with caliber MSA01 costs €4,690 and will be available starting in mid-March.

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