MeisterSinger has become synonymous with single-hand watches and a relaxed perception of time.

Since 2001, a unique type of mechanical wristwatch has been produced in the city of Münster, Germany – unique because it has just one needle-thin hand that shows the time precisely to the nearest five minutes. In this regard the company draw on the technical and cultural tradition of early horology.

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MeisterSinger: Urban Day Date

MeisterSingers concept is founded on tradition and the brand want to provide an alternative to wristwatches that show time racing by. Inspired by historical single-hand clocks the brand create timepieces that show their wearers only the bare essentials, allowing them to keep track of time without being beleaguered by unnecessary information about seconds.

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The technical sophistication of MeisterSinger watches combines extraordinary and timeless design with precision engineering, bringing the finest technology and unique emotions to your wrist. It’s no wonder that MeisterSinger is regularly awarded major design prizes for its highly creative quality.

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MeisterSinger: Lunascope Golden Moon

Latest example is the achievment of the coveted Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award for the Lunascope model.