If you’re anything like me, you’ve had more than enough of the dingy gray days of winter. But I have good news: we’ve reached the end of March already, and spring is officially here! NOMOS has announced two new colorways for the fan-favorite Club Campus to mark the occasion. Some of you might know NOMOS as a Glashütte-based watch brand specializing in rather serious and monochromatic Bauhaus-inspired watches. However, as many of you already know, there’s another side to the brand, one that tends to shine brightest in the Club Campus line. The new Cream Coral and Electric Green hues are stunning additions to the springtime bouquet of colors that NOMOS designers have introduced in this model. So put away your puffer jacket, and dust off your springtime favorites — winter is officially over.

You might remember last year’s colorful Club Campus releases in Deep Pink and Blue Purple. Alongside the classic orange dial (a Fratello Summer Splash semi-finalist), those two stunning shades did away with our seasonal blues and got us dreaming of spring. It seems that NOMOS has embraced the youthfulness of its Club Campus line and decided to take some further colorful steps forward. I’m sure you’ll agree when I say we’re all better off for it. It’s common to see brands rely on the same handful of colors again and again. But clearly, the designers in Glashütte have an eye for shades and have finessed this year’s choices to be as bold as they are interesting. Sure, a cynical few will roll their eyes, but there’s plenty to go around in the brand’s catalog for those looking for something more understated.

NOMOS Club Campus Cream Coral and Electric Green

Not much has changed here other than the color of these Club Campus dials. The watches still feature blue-glowing Super-LumiNova, 100m water resistance, and the hand-winding NOMOS in-house Alpha caliber. With a 43-hour power reserve and a lovely bit of finishing, it’s both a reliable movement and a perfect example of the brand’s watchmaking mastery. These two new hues will be available in the 36mm and 38.5mm Club Campus models, so there’s bound to be one to suit your wrist. But do keep in mind that these watches have rather long lugs. If you haven’t tried these on, it’s worth doing so because you might be (pleasantly) surprised at how well the 36mm version wears. Actually, that one is my favorite option, even on my 18cm (7″) wrist. But if you’d rather go for a slightly larger, more contemporary option, the Club Campus 38 will serve you well.

Both models are just over 8mm thick (8.2 and 8.5mm), so wearability won’t be an issue. That said, with dials and colors like these, you certainly wouldn’t want to hide them under your sleeve. The Cream Coral, which is not quite orange and not quite salmon, is complemented by an orange seconds hand — the uniting elements of these two models — as well as a subtle light-blue outline on the markers and corresponding numerals. The Electric Green follows more of a ton-sur-ton approach. The unique shade of green would not have felt too out of place in last week’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. That said, the tone of this green has a bit more cyan than yellow, giving it a cooler touch. Both colors are nicely saturated, just one notch north of what I’d call pastel. Whichever one of the two you prefer, I dare say you really can’t go wrong.

Final thoughts

This year’s new NOMOS Club Campus releases bring in the spring and uphold the brand’s status as masters of bold, tasteful colors. This goes far back in the brand’s history, with a thousand pleasant pastel shades in its arsenal (see below). The Cool Hunting collection in 2020 took a step in both a bold and charitable direction and left many of us wanting more of these colorful watches. Today, the brand adds two more unique shades to its catalog, something which will hopefully continue to happen each year to remind us of the coming of spring. Prices for these two will align with the rest of the Club Campus lineup, with the 36mm model costing 1,300 and the 38.5mm model 1,400. For more information, check out the NOMOS website.

Now it’s time for a quick Fratello PSA! Remember that if you live in the Central European time zone, you’ll have to set your watch forward one hour this Sunday night (whether it’s a NOMOS or not). Yes, you’ll lose an hour of sleep, but you’ll gain an hour of sunshine in which to ogle and take pictures of your brightly-colored timepiece of choice!