Holthinrichs Watches Officially Introduced

Michiel Holthinrichs yesterday officially introduced his watch brand ‘Holthinrichs Watches’ together with his first watch model, the ‘Ornament 1’. Holthinrichs, being a recent Architecture graduate, choose the Faculty of Architecture of ‘his’ Technical University in Delft (Netherlands) as location for the presentation.


This not being our first introduction event, we were positively surprised by how the event was organised and the ambiance it breathed. The Faculty of Architecture seems to inspire one. When entering the building you want to pick up your drawing book and start designing – that kind of feeling.


Inspiration, Feeling, Atmosphere

The event was held in the Berlage 1 room (Hendrik Petrus Berlage was a famous Dutch architect in the beginning of the last century) which was spacious enough to house the many attendants. As well the Berlage room suited the event very well in terms of interior. Very unceremoniously, no snob-ism, loose – exactly like the type of attendants and the atmosphere the event looked for.

Yes, there was champagne at the entrance. However there were bottles of beer as well. Crates shattered around at the tables, plates with sloppy arranged – however high-quality and delicious – food, bottles of wine and porto all over to help your self. I think you get the feeling, the accompanying pictures will do the rest.


The Young Guns

What struck us as well was the complete absence of the established order of the press. Probably we have to see ourselves as an exception here. And in fact even this, the absence of the established order, felt very natural. This was an event by and for the young guns, the upcoming talent. Almost every Dutch upcoming and/or micro brand watchmaker was present to show respect, get inspired and of course grab the opportunity to show-off their own products.

It was nice to see a quite different arsenal of watches worn by the attendants than normally during watch events is the case. We made a dedicated wrist shot picture gallery below this article to show a few of them.

And not surprisingly, indisputable related to these upcoming watchmakers, the press which was present were the upcoming journalists of younger blogs and forums. As difficult as it is to introduce a new watch brand, these younger blogs face the same troubles. We hope they are able to help each other further in business.


Really, Holthinrichs..?

Back to Michiel Holthinrichs. Internationally, however in Dutch as well, his name may not be an easy one to use or remember. That could be a difficult point for his brand, however can reflect exclusivity as well. In the end, we can’t all have five-letter brand names with a lot of vowels in them, can we? And besides that, it’s not just another contrived and ‘good sticking to one’s memory’ word. We have seen more examples of this which worked out quite well to say the least. Christiaan van der Klaauw and Grönefeld to name a few.


A sound presentation by Michiel himself

The official part of the introduction was a firm and sound presentation by Michiel himself. Although lengthy, the audience was all ears from the beginning till the end. Rightly so, because it was interesting to learn how the idea about this specific and special way of producing a watch came to shape. And interesting to learn how different troubles on the road in all kind of stages in the production were conquered. As well however to learn what Michiel sees as his key values in the design of a watch, and how he explained what ornaments – where he got the name of his watch from – mean to him.


3D-printed watch

About the Ornament 1 I won’t write too much in this event report. We will come up later with a full hands-on report on the watch and it’s background. What of course should be mentioned here however is that the Ornament 1 is a, in stainless steel 316L, 3D-printed watch. This is an industry first, and it proves the interesting possibilities of which this relatively new technique is capable of.

Holthinrichs watches Ornament 1

Holthinrichs watches Ornament 1

We want to make sure here as well that it’s known that the Ornament 1 uses a hand winding Swiss movement (ETA/Pesseux 7001 Elaboré) and an acrylic crystal which ensures that wonderful soft and cosy feeling. Spot on for this watch in my opinion. I heard a tube of Polywatch polish is being supplied with the watch, for the whimpers amongst us. (joke)

Holthinrichs watches Ornament 1

Last but not least, the current but temporary price for the Holthinrichs Ornament 1 (limited to 250 pieces) is just below € 3.500,= including 21% European VAT. The watch can be ordered here at holthinrichswatches.com

Holthinrichs watches Ornament 1 holthinrichs-ornament-1-8407

Make sure to browse the rest of the pictures in the gallery here below.

And here’s the gallery of a few of the spotted watches at the event