Since Omega started making in-house movements (again), you could say that they stepped up a bit on the horological ladder. Their Hour Vision is a very interesting watch, not only because the caliber 8500 movement, but also because of the classic case design that resembles their 1960s models. Furthermore, their Hour Vision has this nice sapphire centre part in the watch case, enabling you to look at the movement when wearing the watch.

I just noticed that there is one for sale via one of the Dutch watch forums (DeZinVanLuxe) and Chrono24 for just over 2500 euro. The sellers asks more through Chrono24, but that gives you some room to bargain, I guess. Perhaps because the local (Dutch) forum seems to be less of a hassle and people seem to ‘know’ each other there.

An incredible price for an Omega DeVille Hour Vision with such a cool movement. Omega introduced the same movement in other models as well and is slowly starting to get rid of the ETA2892-A2 movements. Not that these movements aren’t up to the task or unworthy, but just because Omega wants to be a true competitor for brands like Rolex.

This 41mm diameter wrist watch with co-axial in-house movement is a new classic that does look good in anyone’s collection of time pieces.

Photos courtesy of the seller.

  • William

    Hi R-J, just a quick question on the Omega subject, wich version of Speedmaster is on the headline? The arrows are different and quite nice. Is it a rare/expensive version?

    • Hi William,

      I tried to mail you but I got a mail delivery error on the mail address you submitted.

      The Speedmaster on top of the blog is the Speedmaster Automatic
      from the mid-late 1980s. A Speedmaster with an automatic Lemania 5100
      movement in a Speedmaster Profssional case. These models are pretty
      rare and highly sought after by collectors. This particular model has
      reference number ST376.0822 and was only produced for about 2 years.
      You can find a small review on this model here: (it is old though).

      I haven’t tracked the prices of these watches, but I assume they range
      between 4500 and 5500 euro in good shape and with box and papers.


  • Curtis

    This watch is also the watch that George Clooney wore in the movie “Up in the Air.

  • William

    Just a quick word to say thanks for your reply. There was a mistake with my email, but its better that way since readers got to see your informative response !

    I guess my eye for watches is getting better since I assumed correctly that this version was exclusive.