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Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 38.6 mm

Robert-Jan Broer
March 23, 2017
Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 38.6 mm

Yesterday we introduced you to the Omega 60th anniversary trilogy. Today, we had our meeting with Omega and had a closer look at their new collections. We received many questions and comments about the Speedmaster. Let’s try to answer a couple.

Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

I can be super short about the new Omega Speedmaster 60th anniversary limited edition. I ordered one. So did two other guys of the Fratello Watches team. We were simply blown away by it. Based on the comments and likes we received on Instagram and Facebook and the numerous e-mails and whatsapp messages we received, you like it as well but have some questions.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

How many?

First, there is the difference between the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary watch from the trilogy set and the separate (limited edition) version. The trilogy set is limited to 557 pieces, however, Omega also will produce 3557 extra pieces (so 557 + 3557. Not 557 + 3000 pieces) for each watch separately.

We received some questions if Omega can remove the number from the dial on the trilogy set of 557 pieces. Well, no. You have to make a choice I guess. Also, you can try to buy the separate versions (Railmaster, Seamaster 300, Speedmaster) with corresponding numbers but Omega is not facilitating this so you need to be really lucky with that.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

How is the new bracelet?

The new Speedmaster 60th Anniversary models come with a new bracelet that has been inspired by the 7077 bracelet. That bracelet was used in 1957 on the Railmaster CK2914, Seamaster 300 CK2913 and Speedmaster CK2915. All three models of the 60th anniversary use the same new bracelet as well. It is quite a bit thicker than the original 7077, has no flexible links and have a modern clasp. Despite being thicker and heavier, it wears very comfortable and the looks are awesome.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

Are the links polished?

Although I think it is clearly visible on all images out there, we still get this question from time to time. The center link is brushed and the outer links are polished, like the original.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

Will it fit my Speedmaster Pro?

There were quite some comments and questions about this bracelet and whether it would fit the ‘regular’ Moonwatch models. It doesn’t, as it is for 19mm lugs and the normal Speedmaster Professional has 20mm lugs. We received no information on a possible 20mm upgrade for the normal Moonwatch for this type of bracelet though. Perhaps ‘we’ enthusiasts have to do some more requests for one 😉

How is the faux-patina?

There were quite some comments on the faux patina. Some like it, others don’t. In the flesh, I have to say it was more toned down than in the press images. However, it is still there and clearly visible. I don’t mind the faux-patina myself, it does justice to the look and feel of the watch. Imagine this watch with the white or even green-ish Super-LumiNova, that would have been a bit strange.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

Is it the same case as the First Omega in Space?

We asked, and Omega told us the dimensions are slightly different. The caseback is of course different as well as the fact that it has the Hesalite crystal. The case diameter is 38.6mm and the case back has this nice ‘step’ like the old ones had. A very nice detail.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

What about the boxes?

The trilogy set comes in one big box. The wooden box is of a tree that was found near Omega’s HQ in Bienne and dates back to 1880. Inside, you will find the red leather box with Seahorse logo (facing to the right) and corduroy lining. Next, you will find a leather watch roll with separate leather 19mm straps for all three watches and a changing tool.

The separate watches come with a huge red box as well, with corduroy lining and a watch roll as well. Including a NATO strap and a leather strap, with Omega signed buckles (similar to the one of the Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition).

How much again?

Pay attention 🙂 The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311. has a retail price of 6.700 Swiss Francs (excluding sales taxes). The box with the trilogy set changes owner for 20.000 Swiss Francs (excluding sales taxes).

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

Will it become collectible?

No doubt about that. The set of 557 pieces will be sold out within moments, but since it has the higher price tag – and the number on the dial – it might not be the one of preference for collectors. The separate piece, although 3557 pieces, will probably run out in a flash as well. We already received a lot of requests where people can order them with at least the ‘probability’ of getting one at all. Basically, you need to call your authorized dealer or boutique. Now. Don’t wait.

More information via Omega on-line.

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