Omega’s Speedmaster Moonphase watches go back to 1985, when Omega did a limited run of 1300 Speedmaster Professional watches with a Moonphase and 700 of the German Teutonic case Speedmaster Moonphase watches, all with Lemania based caliber 866. Even today, a new version of this movement (caliber 1866) is being used in the Speedmaster Professional Moonphase watch. It was also being used in the Speedmaster Professional Moonphase in 44.25mm with the beautiful Aventurine dial.

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer

Today, on Speedy Tuesday, Omega shows us the new Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer that is based on the Speedmaster 9300 collection. However, for the Moonphase and calendar functionality, Omega uses a new movement, caliber 9904. Not only does this movement provide the chronograph and calendar functionality, it will also be certified “Master Chronometer” by METAS. An interesting way of auditing and certifying that the watch actually performs as specified, by a third and independent organization (METAS).

On the scale of the Moonphase disc, you will see “29,5” printed, as it takes that many days for a full lunar month (not 30). If you would keep the watch running every day, it would only need one correction every ten years.

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph

This Speedmaster Chronograph Moonphase Master Chronometer caliber 9904 comes in a beautiful blue tone: a LiquidMetal blue bezel, a stainless steel case and a blue sun-burst dial. The Moon on the disc at 6 o’clock is a beautiful black & wite high-resolution image and as detailed as NASA’s photographs of it. Omega claims that once zoomed in on the Moon phase, you will be able to see an astronaut’s foot print. Of course, it will be delivered on a blue leather alligator strap and a stainless steel folding clasp.

The first footprints on the moon... (Photo credit: NASA)

The first footprints on the moon… (Photo credit: NASA)

Once there is more to tell you about this promising Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer addition, we will give you an up-date. Price is set to CHF9400 Swiss Francs.

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  • Frits van der Veer

    Mooi mooi! Nice nice!
    Like the moon-face. This one is, as per today, high on the most wanted list.

  • Emil Sahlberg

    Even Omega used the #speedytuesday tag in their official photo on Instagram. Nice!!

    • benjameshodges

      Omega’s social marketing team.

      • What do you mean @benjaminhodges?

        • benjameshodges

          Don’t know why my post got cut off but meant to say Omega’s social marketing team did a great job releasing this image at the height of SIHH2016. Swatch took a little bit of wind out of Richemont’s sails.

  • DanW94

    Probably the best representation of the moon I’ve seen on a moonphase complication. Just a great looking watch all around save for the crescent moon date indicator, perhaps the one thing they could have done differently.

  • They actually did. Also, most SIHH 2016 brands seem to have price tags way over this 9400 CHF Speedmaster Moonphase. So it was quite interesting to see the positive responses from other colleagues during the SIHH.