OMEGA Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

It is with great pride that we introduce you to the Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday limited edition to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Speedy Tuesday. Limited to 2012 pieces, referring to the year when it all started. For the very first time, Omega is offering this watch only via their own website. What better way to do this with the Speedy Tuesday limited edition Speedmaster, an initiative that started on-line as well.

Speedy Tuesday – How it all began

We’ve been asked very often how Speedy Tuesday started. The story is quite simple, I took a wristshot of my Speedmaster Professional somewhere in May 2012, put it on Facebook and only wrote ‘Speedy Tuesday’, as it was on a Tuesday. Only a few moments later, I realized that this could be a topic for a recurring item on Fratello Watches. At first, we wrote Speedy Tuesday articles once every three weeks or even once per month, but it turned into a weekly item very soon after those first two words. In the meantime, Instagram was also used to publish Speedmaster images with the now famous #SpeedyTuesday hashtag. This was not only by us, but also by many Speedmaster enthusiasts.

For many of our team, the love for watches started with a Speedmaster and if it didn’t, they bought one (or more) later. It is one of the most iconic watches with a real story, not something made-up and we’ve always found that the watch offers great value for money. Even without the NASA story it would be our favourite chronograph based on the design of the case and the readable dial. But the fact is that there is a story to the watch and perhaps the best one out there. It was used on the Moon.

Since 2012, we have written almost 250 Speedy Tuesday articles to date and the #SpeedyTuesday tag has been used over 41.000 times on Instagram by the Speedmaster community. For the 5th anniversary, we were thrilled that OMEGA took this inspiration to create the Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday limited Edition.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Before we get to the juicy details, I think it’s appropriate that we put our cards on the table regarding the Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday. Fratello Watches will not receive any of the proceeds related to the sales of this watch.  This watch was created by “watch fans” for “watch fans”.  It is a celebration of something that you, the Speedmaster community, have helped to grow. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the team at Omega for embracing Speedy Tuesday and then, ultimately, bringing it to fruition. We think you’ll agree, whether you’re a #SpeedyTuesday fanatic, a Speedmaster collector, or simply someone who likes a great looking watch, this one ticks all the boxes.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Radial “Reverse Panda” Dial

In the past five years of Speedy Tuesday, one of the watches that impressed us most was an original Alaska Project III that we discovered in a private collection. Omega delivered only 56 of those watches to NASA for their Space Shuttle program after the re-certification in 1978. The watch stood out due to the radial dial and the specific NASA engravings on the caseback. This Alaska Project III watch was part of the inspiration for the Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday limited edition. This, together with the “reverse panda” dial, adds something new to the mix for the Speedmaster Professional. The “reverse panda” has been done by Omega before, for example in 1966, but never seen in a Speedmaster Professional.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

With those ingredients, Omega designed the Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday limited edition. On top of that, they added more interesting details. The case has a brushed matte-finish, including the bezel, pushers and crown. The crown is also signed with the old-style Omega logo. The dial has white opaline-silvery subdials with large radial numerals. A little nod to vintage Omega pieces is the applied old-style logo at 12 o’clock. Another novelty for the Speedmaster Professional is the luminous written text, as can be seen below. The subdials are also luminous but very readable due to the small black hands.

Lumeshot Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition


Of course, this Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday limited edition comes with the characteristic domed hesalite crystal, with central Omega logo. A different movement than the reliable hand-wound Omega calibre 1861 chronograph was not an option, really.

Omega Caliber 1861

Special Engravings

On the caseback, you will find a special engraved caseback stamped with the Speedmaster’s iconic Seahorse medallion. On the upper-half you will find “SPEEDY TUESDAY ANNIVERSARY” and “Limited Edition” and on the lower half it has the word “A TRIBUTE TO ALASKA PROJECT III” as well as the limited edition number (x / 2012). Circling the outer-edge of the caseback is the word RADIAL. Although it is a screw-in caseback, it is always in the same fixed position in such way that the text is aligned (top starts at 12 o’clock) correctly.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Complete Package

Furthermore, the watch comes with two straps: a vintage-cut brown leather strap with vintage-style buckle and stitching as well as a black & white striped NATO strap with vintage-style-buckle. One of the keepers has been laser-engraved with #SpeedyTuesday. The Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday limited edition is delivered in a special leather watch roll that contains the watch, the spare strap and strap-changing tool. On the backside, you will find cut-outs for the warranty cards.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition

Ordering your watch

The Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition reference 311. will retail for 5400 Swiss Francs (excluding 8% Swiss sales taxes) and is the first watch by Omega to be sold on-line. Omega features the watch on their Instagram account @Omega and ordering can only be done directly, via OMEGAWATCHES.COM/SpeedyTuesday

  • Martin Fiddler

    For info, that is (as of today) £4386 or US $5328. Nice watch!

  • jj eight

    Beautiful watch for watch lovers
    Limited storytelling and true interest
    Bravo. If only I had the finance for it …

  • Ge Zi

    Congrats Robert-Jan – a very appealing timepiece in a nice package!
    Well deserved recognition of your hard work!

  • Michiel van Turnhout

    do we know if they have a limited amount of watches available as well? as in .. how many? (edit.. 2012 pieces)

  • harveyspecter

    just ordered it !! amazing collaboration and idea. Also persuaded a friend to get one 😀

  • Estravon

    Hooked me immediately. Have been looking at a Speedmaster as the next watch and this just made up my mind. Will mean selling a couple of other watches to justify it, but it looks stunning.

    (Update: Omega site says numbers already gone! I ordered no. 790 only a few minutes ago)

  • Congratulations Robert-Jan! Nicely done. Nicely done, indeed!

  • Michael

    Congratulations Fratello Watches! Great achievement. That’s a damn good-looking Speedy.

  • Simply, outstanding! Congratulations, Robert-Jan.

  • Well done, RJ! Congrats on this awesome achievement. A great tribute to the Speedy movement you started!
    Cheers / best wishes 2017!

  • Romeo

    Kudo’s to Robert-Jan and the entire Fratello crew. What a beautiful watch and story – I wonder how many of these will wind up at the Fratello offices!

  • F. Zeegers

    “For the moment all numbers have been temporarily allocated, but please try again later”??

    • Correct. There are still some watches left, but every numbers locks in for 15 minutes. So please keep trying.

      • Waz

        I assume these are all reserved now?

        • Alex

          Hi Waz,
          give it a try tomorrow, at around the same time and for the following 3-4 hours it went on sale. I assume not everybody will confirm their purchase (an email was sent and 24 hours to confirm to order, or it is back on the site)

          • Waz

            Thanks for the heads up.

  • Mikegee

    Placed my order immediately at 7 am. Glad I did , sold out

  • Kurt Klimisch

    Dang it. I live on the West Coast of the U.S., Speedy Tuesday is something I read first thing in the morning every Tuesday. I checked and as of 8am West Coast time and – sold out. Not happy. In my mind that is the perfect speedmaster – I love the Panda. But a little unfair to your readers in the far West.

  • Rob Praydis

    Great looking watch. Wonder how many were snapped up by secondary sellers? Guess I’ll have to wait for the Buzz Aldrin/Omega Mars watch!

  • Koen

    Proficiat heren, prachtig horloge… en jullie krijgen zelfs een artikel op Hodinkee!

  • Leonard Martinez

    I never could see the attraction of this watch. It looks so generic, and the case is too small. The Seamaster Planet Ocean or Diver 300 M, now that’s a different story.

  • Andi

    Applause! What a coup from RJ and team!
    Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the reservation form. Well, you win some, you lose some. Maybe I’m able to catch one on the second hand market sometimes

  • Rob

    I met a friend through work 2 years ago. He was big into watches and got me intrigued. After months of research I decided the omega speedmaster was for me, largely due to this website. I purchased a speedmaster tintin 18 months ago and wear it daily. Since then I was fortunate enough to get a Silver Snoopy Award, as was my friend. My dad got a bond aqua Terra and I also convinced him to get a ck2998 LE. Now I’ve managed to reserve a Speedy Tuesday too. It has been quite a 2 years and just to think, if I had not met my friend through work, none of this would have happened!

  • Tom Erne

    Cannot wait for this baby to arrive… so happy I made it in the short time actually available.
    Im setting my alarm already for 2022 and the 10 years anniversary model. Hoping for something with straight lugs and a lolipop hand!

  • gw01

    EPIC, you guys… love the lume shot! Congratulations!!!

  • Bazil

    This is the first time I have been back to this site since losing my dad who wore a speedmaster from 1985 until his last day three months ago not only did I lose my dad on tuesday 11/08/16 but missed out on the SpeedyTuesday watch not long after. Let’s hope things turn for the better for the foreseeable Tuesdays. I don’t usually write on the internet but let me just say I loved my dad very much and I am grateful for our time together especially talking and enjoying watches. Thanks frattello team and congrats on your great site.

  • Cor Savopoulos

    I have ordered one piece. When am I expected to actually pay for it?