Omega’s holy grail retailed in 1987 for around 1500DM, as much as 750 Euro. Probably no-one would have guessed it would become the Holy Grail of Speedmasters. Chuck Maddox and Alexander Monkowius, amongst others, wrote in great detail about this watch. The Speedmaster Automatic ref. ST376.0822.

Once in a while you seem them for sale at a watch fair, watch auction or at one of the online sales corners. However, most of the time they probably change owners within a blink of the eye. This watch is wanted! Why? Because it basically houses in the classic Speedmaster Pro case and is powered by the classic chronograph movement caliber 1045. As a regular Fratello reader, you probably know that this caliber is based on the discontinued Lemania 5100 movement. A very succesful formula (as it seems now), but only produced for less than 2 years.

A while back, this watch went for sale in the sales corner over at ‘Das Rolex Forum‘ for a mere 2500 euros. About the price of a new Speedmaster Professional without any %’s off. However, this Holy Grail was completely revised by Omega in 2006. As good as it gets!

Whoever bought it, congratulations!!

  • Strange that Omega didn’t indicate this model with ‘Professional’.

    I know it’s automatic, however they did it with other automatics as well, like the Mark IV.

  • Great post!

  • Bas

    I own both a Lemania 1871 (speedmaster pro with cal.861) and a Lemania 5100 based watch (Sinn EZM 1). Although the 5100 is automatic and has date, I really prefer the 1871 because the buttons of the chrono have a better feel: they are more responsive and more reliable. With my speedmaster pro, I can use the chrono without looking. On my Sinn, I always check wether the thing is doing what I want. Especially the reset function on the Sinn is not very reliable (could be that there is something wrong with my watch, but I heard this is common on 5100 based watches).

  • Geemicks


    You know, that the dial is the false one?
    The spit-second-markers etween the second(minute) markers are too mutch, because they have to be only on the “rehaute”.