On the look-out for a lowcost watch? Try a ‘google’ on “Hamilton Khaki” watches.
For less than 745 USD (the actual lowest price has to be requested by email), you can have this chronograph (Valjoux 7753 driven) at Princetonwatches.com:

They also have a re-edition of a military watch on an olive colored strap, very nice and for less than 250 USD. Mechanical movement ofcourse.

Hamilton used to be famous for their electronic watches called ‘Ventura’. I think Elvis Presley was the most famous ‘ambassador’ of the brand. These electronic versions can be found on fairs and auctions, but I wouldn’t dare to buy one. Even those f300Hz Bulova/Omega electronics give me the shivers.. very nice, but if they are broke, it will be very hard to get it fixed for a reasonable price. If it can be fixed at all.

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Robert-Jan Broer

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Robert-Jan Broer, born in 1977, watch collector and author on watches for over a decade. Founder of Fratello Watches in 2004.
Robert-Jan Broer
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  • Nivelacuso

    Indeed the Hamilton Khaki chrono’s offer one of the best price/quality ratio nowadays in the business. I now have my third chrono. The first two of them were 42mm watches, but I sold them. Now I have a 38mm chrono with the metal hands like on the picture. They can be had at even greater prices second hand.
    Be sure to get one with the metal bracelet, they are of very good quality.

    Hans Mennink