King’s Day is like the 4th of July in the US, but brighter and bigger in the hearts of the Dutch people. Me, I’m Norwegian, but I’ll eat my hat if I don’t put on something orange this week. This is easily the biggest event that takes place not just in Amsterdam but throughout all of the Netherlands. Be prepared for towns, cities, canals, streets, and parks filled with celebration. We kick it off with our #ORANGE King’s Day Special!

#ORANGE is the color, and spring is in the air. And if you’re just Dutch by proxy like me in my editor’s role, join in anyway. I mean, what better way to cheer yourself up than with a madly bright pop of juicy orange? Spring might not have warmed up everywhere yet, but with a slice of sunshine on your wrist, you’ll be OK until summer, trust me.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Orange Diver 2

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300m

The Aquaracer has always been a great everyday sports watch and the first taste of Swiss luxury for many. But let’s face it, there is a fine line between evergreen and staid design, and it needed a refresh. Historically, the Aquaracer has been a watch for the non-watch nerds, and they are the strong majority. That changed last year. In 2021, TAG Heuer turned the Aquaracer into a hot drop, and we didn’t see it coming. TAG sharpened its pencils and gave the Aquaracer a punchy new look, including a tempting limited vintage version. It’s still recognizable with its striated dial, but with a more refined 12-sided bezel and octagonal indices. For me, the best version came only a few weeks ago with the release of this fiery #ORANGE dial. It’s a solid Swiss diver with added zing, and it’s still accessible at €3,100. What’s not to love? Party on, my Dutch mates.

#ORANGE King’s Day Special!

G-Star RAW Tee

Well, it’s only a T-shirt, but hey, it’s #ORANGE! You could even interpret it as a secret symbol of your love for the Dutch F1 ace Max Verstappen or simply as a great basic T-shirt. It’s a good way to wear orange without splashing out on a jacket or wearing that bright North Face puffer number you packed away till next winter. Bold, bright graphics appeal to my love for graphic design, and here, they are pleasingly symmetrical. But hey, let’s not put too much thought into it. This is simply a great spring and summer T-shirt for anywhere. And G-Star RAW delivers quality at €35, so get one.

#ORANGE King’s Day Special!

Omega Ploprof 1200m Co-Axial Master Chronometer

This is neither the most versatile Omega nor one to wear with a suit unless you’re fanatically obsessed with your Ploprof. That, however, is a very possible outcome, even if 55mm × 48mm is massive. This titanium Ploprof is lighter than the original in 904L steel, and there is so much charm in this huge tool watch. With one of the widest and brightest #ORANGE bezels on the market, it’s a significant pop of celebratory color. The chunky mesh bracelet is one of the best you’ll encounter. Even with my weedy 17.5cm wrists, I actually enjoy wearing this beast. A quiet gray dial is an elegant juxtaposition to the flashy orange of the bezel, minute hand, and seconds-hand tip. The Co-Axial 8912 movement is sublime, and the Ploprof is the daddy of tool watches. This charming beast is well worth it at €12K, and by all means, feel free to wear it to its 1200m maximum depth.

#ORANGE King’s Day Special!

Wrap your car in #ORANGE delight

I am getting a new car in September, and this particular model of Swedish electric jacked-up sedan had very few color choices. I’ll be handing my car straight over to my favorite vinyl specialist for a color wrap, perhaps even in orange. The great thing about wraps is that it doesn’t matter if you eventually tire of the color. Let it cheer you up for a couple of years, then change it. All the while, you’ll be protecting the paint job, which will remain pristine until you eventually sell the car. That’s a win-win in any man’s book, so why not go all the way with this juicy, mandarin-fresh wrap from Platinum Wrapping Film? The name “Blaze Orange” says it all. Check out PWF here to find your nearest workshop.

Doxa SUB 300 Professional Watch

Doxa Sub 300 Professional

The quirky-cool of Doxa is best preserved in the brand’s legendary Sub 300. The Professional with its #ORANGE dial has the weight of history within its case and an enviable association with Jacques Cousteau. The latest version of the Sub 300 has a COSC-certified ETA caliber, and the super-’60s case is nicely slimmed down. The Sub 300 will feel even thinner than its 13.4mm spec suggests due to the organic stingray-esque shape of its case. The dial itself is actually very small, so the 42.5mm width will feel more like 40. And while the summery pop of a comfortable rubber strap is very tempting, Doxa’s luxurious beads-of-rice bracelet is sublime. Blunt, large, and glossy licorice-black hands ensure great legibility on the packed dial, and any Sub 300 wants more than desk-diving duties. It’s available for CHF 2,490 on a bracelet from Doxa.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low GS “University Gold/Black”

Ah, once again, colorful Air Jordans unsurprisingly grace a Hashtag story. These Air Jordan 1 Low kicks are as soft and comfortable as they are, well, rather loud in their orangeness, but come on! This color might seem slightly lighter than you were expecting, but it’s #ORANGE nonetheless. What better way to celebrate any day, especially King’s Day in the Netherlands? With a satsuma-sweet mix of orange and white with black laces and details, these might just end up your favorite summer kicks this year, believe me. This pair is shown in Grade School size, but adult sizes will drop soon. You can match them up with your kids or the entire family for next year’s celebration. Check them out on

So what about you? Are you #ORANGE-ing up? If you’re Dutch, I bet you’ve already got your outfit planned for the big day, funny hat included. And though the dive watches above could certainly handle it, just take it easy and don’t fall in a canal with your spiffy Air Jordans on!

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