At Fratello we all have a thing for vintage so it’s always a pleasure to see watch brands introducing vintage inspired models. We’ve mentioned it earlier and now we’ll have a closer look at the Oris ChronOris Date that was introduced during Baselworld this year.

Oris ChonOris Date, an icon returns

Oris ChronOris Date, an icon returns

So after almost 50 years the Oris ChronOris Date returns. First introduced in 1970, the ChronOris watch was the first stop-seconds chronograph for the brans. It’s name is derived from the words chronograph and the brand name. The original watch came with the typical 70’s case design as seen on many watches from that era. With a pusher and two crowns the watch is a bit different from the re-launched version. Read the full review on the vintage ChronOris in this write-up by Mike some 2 years ago.

‘It’s one of the most iconic watches in Oris history and it has a huge following, particularly among collectors.

When looking at the new Oris ChronOris Date you clearly recognise the iconic case design. Probably the only real difference from vintage cases is the thickness which is clearly larger. But apart from that it just looks great with the circular brushed finish and polished beveled edges. In respect of the the smaller watch sizes in the past it’s a great thing to see this watch has only been enlarged a bit and now comes in 39mm which is still quite modest. Being waterproof up to 100 meters this watch can be worn pretty much in all conditions.

As aforementioned the new ChronOris no longer has the chronograph pusher. Yet the design and functionality has been brought down to just 2 crowns. These are placed well balanced on the 2 and 4 o’clock position. Where the upper crown allows you to set and wind the movement, the lower one is for adjusting the rotating inner bezel. Inside you will find the automatic Oris cal. 733 movement which is based on the Sellita SW 200-1.

Great contrast and finish

With it’s inspiration from the first ChronOris model which had an orange 45 second track on the inner rotating bezel. This new edition comes in a great colour scheme which includes the same bright orange as found on the original version. When looking closer at the dial you will notice the different finishes which gives it great detail. The alternate grey and black  give the watch a high contrast and the inner rotating bezel comes with a fine circular finish as you can see in the image below.

Up close and personal with the Oris ChonOris Date

With the inner rotating bezel you get some added functionality. Although it’s a bit harder to time things properly compared to having a pusher to start and stop the chronograph function. However you get to time hours, minutes and seconds by changing the marker of the inner rotating bezel. This is done by turning the lower crown in either direction until you have the right position. Once done you can keep track of elapsed time with the corresponding hand up to 60 units. Also notice the different finish of the crowns, the lower one has three rings of teeth for better grip.

We’ve had our hands on the nato version of the ChronOris Date but it’s available with different straps. You can also choose from a black or brown leather strap,  a black rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet. This steel bracelet is als inspired from an original design with 15 links across which is actually thinner compared to the original.

The ChronOris retails for CHF 1,600 on a strap or CHF 1,800 on the metal bracelet.

For more info visit Oris on-line.