Oris quietly introduced the Strapfinder section to its website a couple of weeks ago. Among the 60+ straps are options for just about every watch the brand sells. Various widths, materials, colors, and closures abound, with each strap branded with “Oris” on the clasp. If you have an Oris watch and have been wanting to switch up your strap game while keeping it on-brand, the Oris Strapfinder has you covered.

Oris is all about options. Many of its favored watch designs come in various sizes, dial colors, and even metals. This allows one to find the perfect Oris for them. But, until now, one was essentially stuck with the strap or bracelet that Oris provided with the watch. Of course, it’s easy enough to purchase aftermarket straps since most Oris watches have conventional lug spacing. Not so, however for the Aquis line, with its integrated design. With the Oris Strapfinder, the brand is further supporting personalization with a wide range of options for just about any of its watches.

Oris Strap Shop Aquis Straps

The Oris Aquis is now a strap monster

One of the challenges in choosing an Oris Aquis is deciding whether to get the watch on a strap or bracelet. Some limited editions, such as the New York Harbor LE, came with both (it’s just about sold out now). But unless you took the effort to secure both a strap and a bracelet for your regular Aquis (which wasn’t a straightforward process), you were essentially stuck with the option you got. Part of the magic of the Aquis design is its special lugs with the integrated bracelet/strap that the watch comes with. Lugs like these typically equate to no aftermarket strap options. Not anymore.

Now, through the Oris Strapfinder, one can shop Aquis straps in a range of colors. Naturally, all are to the same specs and quality as the straps that accompany the watches initially. I think the best approach to purchasing an Aquis now is defaulting for the bracelet and then picking up a red, black, blue, teal, or green strap whenever you like.

Oris Propilot

The “Lift” clasp for the masses

Of course, the game can go the other way as well. One of the more fun aspects of the Oris ProPilot line is the trademark “Lift” clasp that resembles an aircraft seatbelt. That’s a strap design that could be fun on many watches, not necessarily just those from Oris. But, until now, the Lift clasp strap was only available on the ProPilot watches they came on. One can now shop “Lift” clasp straps in a variety of widths and colors. They come in either textile or leather.

Oris Strap Shop Pink Perlon

Big Crown and Divers Sixty-Five

Present too are plenty of simple tang-buckle straps, a style that comes standard on the Big Crown and Divers Sixty-Five lines. Also available are the cotton-candy-colored Divers Sixty-Five matching Perlon pass-through straps in pink, sea-foam green, and baby blue with bronze clasps. Plenty of tamer options are available as well in various sizes, materials, and colors.

Oris Strap Shop

Oris Strapfinder — Who is it for?

This is a great resource for those who want to expand their strap options for their Oris watches while keeping them on brand. Many of the straps are the same ones that certain watches originally come equipped with, providing a resource for easily replacing worn, damaged, or lost straps as well.

Additionally, like the brand’s watches, some of these straps are just downright fun and would be worthy additions to a strap collection regardless of whether an Oris watch is in the stables. Where else will you find a clasp that resembles an airplane seatbelt or a cotton-candy-pink Perlon pass-through with a bronze clasp? I certainly don’t know.

Constantly expanding options

Oris has committed to periodically expanding its strap selection to provide even more options in the future. Some of those options include more sustainable ones like Perlon straps made from recycled materials and leather straps made from sustainably sourced and tanned deer leather through Oris’s partner Cervo Volante.

You will currently find Oris steel and titanium bracelets visible in the Strapfinder as well. These are not directly available through the online shop. Instead, their inclusion is intended to be a resource. Customers interested in buying a bracelet are encouraged to contact their nearest brick-and-mortar authorized Oris dealer. As I said, if you’re in the market for an Oris watch and are torn between the strap and the bracelet, get the bracelet. It’s now easier to get the strap.

Also available is an engineered Oris strap-replacement tool. Oris encourages customers to become proficient in changing out the straps on their watches themselves. Putting a new strap on an old watch can almost feel like getting a new watch. It’s an easy enough (and rewarding) process if you can do it yourself. Oris created an instructional video to provide assistance to those who need it when changing their straps.

Prices range from about $100 to just over $300 per strap, depending on the specifics. There are cheaper, non-Oris straps available elsewhere, but they won’t have the Oris brand stamp on the clasp or Oris quality. Most importantly, any strap not purchased through the brand won’t have a cheeky little flap that says “Lift” on it.

More information can be found on the official Oris Strapfinder webpage.

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