Paddock Chronograph – a racing-inspired timepiece from PaceMasters Watches featured with Carbon Fiber dial and Genuine Alcantara strap, powered by a hybrid Meca-Quartz movement is now live on Kickstarter starting from $379.

Racing inspiration

The Paddock name comes from the limited access enclosed area on the racing circuit behind the pits in which the teams keep their motorhomes and where all the behind-the-curtains racing life happens. There is no admission to the public to this area, and one should have a special Paddock Club Admission to get there, which makes Paddock Chronograph feel on the wrist like a privileged pass to the world of racing.

Hybrid Meca-Quartz movement

Just like a modern Formula 1 race car Paddock Chronograph is powered by a Hybrid technology – a Meca-Quartz Movement from TMI (Seiko Group) – VK67 premium chronograph series. Meca-quartz is a combination of a battery-powered movement regulated by a quartz crystal to run main hands, and a Mechanical engine controlled by a set of gears, hammers, wheels, and levers to operate the chronograph function. The main second hand is ticking in 1/5 sec intervals – just like a mechanical chronograph.

The dial consists of 6 layers, including a base layer, a 0.4 mm carbon fiber layer, timing sectors marks on the chapter ring, three sub-dials, applied numerals, and the Pit Board. The date disk has been custom made to match the acid-yellow color of the Pit Board.

The Pit Board

The Pit Board is a striking highlight of Paddock Chronograph forming the unique look of the model. Original Pit Board has been used in Formula 1 racing since its early days to display the driver’s position, time breaks from other drivers, the number of laps to go, and information about pit stop or rules violations.

Specs and customization

Paddock Chronograph will be offered in three case colors with various finishes: Black PVD, Grey matte, and Silver/Steel. Pit board frame can be painted in acid yellow or black color, and there are four different racing messages to choose from.

The integrated strap is made of Genuine Alcantara – a premium fabric used in the supercars interiors, and is available in several colors to match the team’s racing liveries.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Tickets Giveaway

PaceMasters is arranging a giveaway in order to thank the supporters of the brand. Every customer making a pre-order will get a chance to win Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets (get more details on PaceMasters website).

About PaceMasters Watches

PaceMasters Watches is a brand of racing-inspired timepieces, which was founded by a 31 years old racing fan and watch enthusiast from Moscow. He has built up a small team of watch and car designers from New York, Berlin, Istanbul and Zurich, who draw inspiration from motorsports and Formula 1 particularly.

Keep pace to win the race” is the brand’s motto.

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