That’s the question that keeps Michael Sandler of TZ busy 🙂 A lot of reactions, and it almost seems to be a Rolex vs Other brand.

It is nice to see all those opinions, and sometimes Patek is getting the same blame as Rolex. “Do you want it because it says Patek?” Pfff… unbelievable. Some people tend to forget that buying a watch is very personal, either you like it better than the other or you don’t. Most of the time people can’t even explain why they like the other one better. And they don’t have to in my opinion. It is about taste, not about a name on the dial, especially not with watches with these kind of names on it.

Oh btw, it is this watch:

Photo by Michael Sandler

and this one..

Photo by Patek Philippe

Personally, I would go Patek. To me, it represents all that is perfect! Arabic numerals on the dial are quite tricky, I tend to get bored by them, and I wouldn’t take that risk for this kind of money. I also like the case design and clean dial very much. The watch is so timeless in my eyes, I couldn’t tell you if this watch is made in 2005 or 1950. I love that.

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  • RJ,

    I read this thread and wondered what I would do myself. It’s a tough call. If it were any other Lange (given that it was a fair trade w/ respect to money) I would do it in a heartbeat. The Calatrava is an absolute classic.

    But the 1815 is probably my favortite Lange. Not sure what I would do, but if push came to shove, I would probably go PP.


  • Chris,

    I am not much of a Lange fan I have to admit. I like the Lange 1 models, but no more than that. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I have to love them!


  • RJ, Does PP make any Caltrava models in SS? Or are they all wg, pt, etc.?


  • Chris,

    I don’t think the Calatrava comes in stainless steel. Only precious metals 🙂

    Only the ‘sports’ models like the Aquanaut and Nautilus seems to be available in stainless steel.

    Oh, and the 24 watch for women!


  • Bas

    I completely agree with you, RJ. You actually took the patek that appeals to me most 🙂

    @ chris: That calatrava is model 5196 J. (my guess is that J stands voor “jaune”, yellow gold), cal. 215 PS (petite seconde). According to the patek website you can get yellow, white or rose gold and platiunum.

    I would choose rose gold but that’s a matter of taste. Buying the yellow gold one doesn’t make you a barbarian 🙂

    Many other patek watches are completely bloated but this must be the most understated watch you can get. It has the most classical design possible, combined with probably the highest quality in the world.

    Pictures of the 215 movement by Walt Odets

  • georges

    None of these.I would take a Fran?ßois Paul Journe Reserve de Marche, unusual, more sober and more rare than Patek and Lange.Not a big fan of Patek and Lange.

  • Bas

    @georges: I’ve checked out the F.P. Journe watches. Look nice! What’s in it, ETA?

  • georges


    No eta in any Fran?ßois Paul Journe Watch, 100% inhouse movment as opposed to Patek who uses Piguet, Jaeger Le Coultre and Piguet movements.Movements of the octa watches are 100% in house,they have a keyless balance wheel like the rolex microstella balance, 100 hours of power reserve, cosc certification, are 21600bph movments and for other details check the tz Fran?ßois Paul Journe Forum, it may be of great help for you.