Photo Essay: The Roger Dubuis MuchMore

Ming Thein
November 25, 2011
Photo Essay: The Roger Dubuis MuchMore

This version is the M28 ‘large’ size version – powered by a cal. R18 movement. It might not have any unusual or special features, but it is a classical, very well executed manual wind movement that is sufficiently refined to qualify for the Geneva Seal. The dial is a unique shade of copper that is a very close, but not exact, match for the case. A nice touch are the polished, reflective arabics; but by far the highlight of the dial are the beautifully blued and gently curved hands. Enjoy the photographs! MT

All images can be clicked on for larger versions.

_7051771 copy

_7051795 copy

_7051831 copy

_7051800 copy

_7051838 copy

_7051857 copy

_7051846 copy

_7051776 copy

_7051810 copy

_7051782 copy

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