Some of you watch collectors probably know or have seen the brand ‘Pierce’ in the search for a vintage chronograph. If not, no worry, below you’ll see a picture of a vintage chronograph by Pierce.

What most of you avid watch collectors probably didn’t know, is that Pierce is back in business. They have their whole collection online at

Click here for more information on Pierce 1883.

  • Luigi

    Pierce, back when it was Swiss made,was remarkable for mechanical innovat. A friend of mine who examined the new Pierce characterized it with words like “crude” and “Chinese and Miyota movements”

  • Peter Beckerts

    They are back! I inspected the WHOLE collection: Up to 600 US$ they are using Miyota or sometimes 28XX ETA. In case of their high end quality watches (starting 2000 US$) the watches are fitted with Valjoux, Venus… and certainly these series are Swiss and German made and not far east.
    “Crude” where non of them.

  • Alysson K. Bakof

    I am from Brazil, new at the watch collector’s world.
    was in Paris last week and bought a Pierce old watch and would like to recognize him. How should I proceed.