This week, I am looking at brands that have designed watches for the Stuttgart-based sports car brand, Porsche.

I partly took inspiration from Tomas’ #TBT article on the Porsche Design by IWC reference 3704 that you can read here. Scrolling through Chrono24, I found more awesome watches that co-branded with Porsche. Before Porsche Design became, well, Porsche Design.

All watches are pre-owned and picked from Chrono24. Every week we pick a few pre-owned watches from Chrono24, the largest market place for wristwatches in the world — watches that we love ourselves, or think they will be interesting to you. So, to be clear, we picked the watches, Chrono24 only send us the images without their watermark and in a proper resolution.


1973 Orfina Porsche Design PD01

First up is the Orfina PD01. In 1973, the often forgotten Orfina brand launched a sporty chronograph in conjunction with Porsche to be sold through car dealerships. Driving off the showroom floor with a posh sports car and checking your new commute time with the Orfina chronograph was undoubtedly aspirational.

This Orfina was one of the early adopters to use the 6/9/12 chronograph layout; courtesy of the new Valjoux 7750 movements that (apparently) stood the test of time. The Orfina also had a matte-black coating on the steel. A coating perhaps in its infancy — which you may be able to gather by the condition on this example on Chrono24. But still, the racing-car gauge design and price would charm me into buying something air-cooled with a lot of rear grip.

Auction price: €1,303

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Eterna Porsche Design P6000

If you happen to lose the backend on your Porsche and end up careening off the bridge, you may need a diver’s watch. Eterna has you covered with the P6000. The P6000 has the emblematic crosshair dial seen on may Porsche Design watches. I particularly like the integrated titanium bracelet and orange accents on the watch.

Price: €1,499

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1983 IWC Porsche Design Reference 3700

Just like Tomas, I am really taken by the “Titan” IWC Porsche Design reference 3700. The first serial production chronograph made entirely from titanium was a massive seller for IWC. Partly due to the svelte case shape with pushers for the Valjoux 7750 chronograph in line with the case flanks. Not always an easy task to find the sweet spot, as the pushers are on a “rocker” system. This example I have selected from Chrono24 has the full suite of logos, which some may find a bit overkill. It even has the cursive International Watch Co. Schaffhausen script! Regardless, the logos surround the day and date, which, in a way, offsets the 6/9/12 sub-dial layout quite nicely.

Price: €3,892

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Happy hunting!