Tomas Rosputinsky
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Tomas Rosputinsky

During the day time, Tomas is an entrepreneur in the advertising, automotive and IT software industries. At night he turns into a watch enthusiast searching for quirky movements or vintage pieces with strong stories behind. Tomas was born and bred in Slovakia that still calls his home. His dream is to give life to a new community of collectors in Slovakia and beyond by introducing people to watchmaking‘s artistry, rich culture & history.

Breitling SuperOcean ref 2005
#TBT Breitling SuperOcean ref 2005
A 60's Diver with a Modified Venus 188
#TBT Surprisingly fresh Alpina La Ronde
with automatic A. Schild caliber 1882/83
#TBT Seiko Voice Note M516-4009
from the original Ghostbusters movie
#TBT Breitling Chrono-Matic Ref. 2110
Chunky, sporty, original and photogenic.
#TBT Harvel Date-O-Graph
with a Piquerez case