Last week, I claimed that when it comes to the Seiko Monster, it’s go orange or go home. This week, I thought it only fair I bring orange lovers a few alternatives to the Monster. As such, allow me to introduce five more orange-dialed “beast” watches.

While I cannot admit to owning any orange watches, I have always been drawn to the allure they offer. I scroll through listings imagining myself tanning poolside with a long drink in one hand and an orange dial diver affixed to the other wrist. Alas, I predominately find myself with a white, grey, or black dial watch in a matching suit or casual attire. Briefly, I was the owner of a Doxa Searambler Silver Lung, that had a silver dial and big ol’ orange hand. But not for long, as it left my collection for more monochrome dials.

DOXA SUB300 Silver Lung

However, if you’re brave enough to take on these orange “wee beasties”, here is a selection that is pure fire. You’d better pack a sword and shield…

All watches are pre-owned and picked from Chrono24. Every week we pick a few pre-owned watches from Chrono24, the largest market place for wristwatches in the world — watches that we love ourselves, or think they will be interesting to you. So, to be clear, we picked the watches, Chrono24 only send us the images without their watermark and in a proper resolution.


Doxa Sub 300

The Doxa Sub 300 pioneered the bright orange dial for apparent legibility at sub-aquatic depths. Although, at deeper depths, light absorption and the clarity of water can take away the colors perceived on dry land. Nevertheless, the Doxa achieves an attractive and fitting color for professional and amateur divers alike to use and abuse. This example from Chrono24 is from 1967 and is the “No T” version with a slightly thinner case. There are no box and papers, and it also has a replacement crown. As seen on many of the vintage examples, the black ink on the bezel has almost completely faded. But it has been recently serviced with still much of the Doxa charm intact, and is an excellent way to start my list of orange beasts.

Price: €6,146.

Click here for the offer on the 1967 Doxa Sub 300 on Chrono24.


IWC Aquatimer 861AD

Next up is another dive watch. This time we’re dealing with one from IWC — reference 861AD from 1973. Somehow, I managed to gloss over this Aquatimer reference in my previous Pre-Owned Picks with my favorite IWC Aquatimers. You may remember a signature style I enjoy from the Aquatimer is the double crown. This model retains that look with metal shrouding to protect the winding crown and inner-rotating bezel crown from accidental knocks. I especially enjoy the cushion case, dartboard dial, and burnt orange colors of this particular steel model that ooze seventies style.

Additionally, you also have the full IWC logo in cursive script. A feature I couldn’t help but have a chuckle at was the number of clasp extensions available. I guess that the bracelet on this version has fixed links, so the clasp is the only way to adjust the length. Have a look for yourself.

Price: €12,385.

Click here for the offer on the 1973 IWC Aquatimer 861AD on Chrono24.


Breitling SuperOcean A1736402

Enough with the dive watches, already! Ok, ok, just one more. The SuperOcean from the early 2010s is my favorite execution of Breitling’s professional diving collection. The Heritage range retains some of the classic traits of the ‘60s, but the standard SuperOcean has always been future-forward. This particular SuperOcean has blocky, italicized dial and bezel numerals — worthy of an action movie’s opening credits. In this listing, the orange is relegated to the outer minute track. But this is still a punchy orange beast with color-coordinated rubber and leather straps. Box, papers, superb condition — someone please buy it before I do!

Price: €2,390.

Click here for the offer on the 2012 Breitling SuperOcean A1736402 on Chrono24.


Heuer Autavia “Orange Boy” 11630

Heuer Autavia was the racing chronograph de jour in the ‘70s. Swiss racer Jo Siffert was pedaling his Formula One car on the track and peddling the Autavia in the pit-lane. The “Orange Boy” was christened by collectors in the early 2000s to acknowledge the rarity of this dial configuration. Each of the indices has an orange marker with a bold central chronograph seconds hand filling the black dial. The chequered minute totalizer is a great touch that harks back to the sporty racing nature.

This listing on Chrono24 has the stacked hour and minute marker bezel rather than the more common tachymeter. The condition is not too bad for the age, but without box and papers, it is worth a little haggling. Check out for more information on the Autavia and many classic Heuer watches.

Price: €5,950.

Click here for the offer on the 1970 Heuer Autavia 11630 on Chrono24.


Vulcain Nautical Alarm Cricket S2322B

Last in the list has not one, not two, but three shades of orange. The Vulcain Nautical is packed full functions. Pulling out the middle crown sets the time. Depress the pusher at 2 o’clock, and the central crown shoots out in a position to set the alarm indicated by the smaller orange hand with a white arrow tip. To control the inner rotating bezel, turn the crown at 4 o’clock. The dial may seem busy, but the shades orange mixed with white and black squares creates a beautiful mosaic worthy of a Grecian urn. It sure is an alarming watch in more ways than one!

Price: €6,900.

Click here for the offer on the 1970 Vulcain Nautical Alarm Cricket S2322B on Chrono24.

Happy hunting!