Hi, my name is Evert, I’m a WIS friend of mr. Fratello aka Robert-Jan. He kindly lends me his blog space to share my thoughts when and if worthwhile. Thanks to him and I hope you enjoy.

Since the beginning of my watch passion, I’m interested in Rolex. The internet turned out to be the place to be to fuel my passion, and it was through the internet, that I bought my first serious watch. It was an Omega Seamaster coming from a guy who was saving for a Rolex Sea-Dweller. Back then the prices of Rolex watches seemed to come from another planet in my view. Although I could already see the magic of the SD, I thought this guy was nuts to spent thousands of dollars on it. Later I did – of course – take the plunge myself and acquired a Submariner No Date, but still the idea of the price tag horrified me.

Years later, me and many WIS with me, have gotten used to ever increasing Rolex prices. The transparency in de the market is bigger than ever with sites like chrono24.com, and the sales corner of the German forum even showing charts with sales prices under the button ‘investor’. But all this information has done nothing in terms of creating heavy price competition. The public is simply too hungry for Sports Rolex.

Even more than the modern models, the prices of vintage Rolex are hitting the roof. They are praised for their uniqueness, character and their hour markers that turn from white to yellowish brown over time. No sapphire crystals that are so common nowadays on this pieces, but the characteristic plexi glass. A highly scratchable material, but still loved by many with the slogan ‘Plexi is Sexy?’. The posts on the watch forums, countless watch-auctions and many unofficial Rolex information sites seem to put more oil to the fire every day. It supports the upward spiral of the Rolex Sports price tags.

In this madness, some opt out and don’t buy any vintage. I decided to participate just a little in the craze by buying a Submariner Date reference 1680 from the late ’70’s. Having done that, it is time for me to take a break from studying the hectic and complicated vintage market and take all the time necessary to contemplate the purchase of a modern Sports model again. Well, not really too much time: With the price increase adopted by Rolex just this March 2008 on almost all current models, also these are bound to go up again. If you love the Rolex brand, the spiral of price and praise is hard to escape!