To set the time correctly on your mechanical wrist watch, you definately need at least one quartz controlled wrist watch. Even better, you need a watch that keeps perfect track of time. You need a radio controlled wrist watch! In 1990, Junghans introduced the first radio controlled wrist watch, the Mega 1. An integrated antenna in the strap receives a long-wave radio signal every morning broadcasted on 77.5 KHz from Frankfurt. This broadcast carries time information from Germany’s national atomic clocks at Braunschweig. These radio transmissions automatically set the watch correctly.

Currently, Junghans still carries one radio controlled watch in their ‘Avantgarde’ collection. The Mega 1000 watch! Successor of the Mega 1 wrist watch. These watches are widely available for approximately 300 euros.

However, the original Mega 1 watch, as pictured above, is for sale on the German eBay for prices between 100 and 150 euro.

However, you can find radio controlled wall clocks and radio controlled Casio watches starting at 20 euro as well on the bay. I even found a cool looking Braun wall clock for 20 euro. Who is going to wear this Mega 1(000) anyways? 🙂 To keep your watch collection ‘complete’, you might want to do an investment for an original Mega 1 though!