It seems to be some kind of accepted spin-off hobby by Rolex collectors world-wide, spotting Rolex watches on the wrist of famous actors, singers, models, presidents, sports people, and soccer player’s wives (see picture below). This spin-off activity can therefore be pretty exhausting, as most famous personalities actually wear (gold) Rolex watches. I wonder if not spotting a Rolex on a movie star’s wrist isn’t going to be a better challenge.

Results of this spin-off hobby can be found on the German Rolex Forum (also known as Das Rolex Forum or They have (currently) 189 pages of pictures with famous people wearing a Rolex. The Dutch Rolex Forum has only 26 pages, but remember that we are only a small country of course. Then we have Jake’s Rolex Blog, a great piece of on-line work where he discusses Rolex watches worn by various famous people (both professional and non-professional).

For example, Steve McQueen as well as Lindsay Lohan were spotted (but I couldn’t find an appropriate picture of her) wearing Rolex watches. Also, it seems that Jennifer Aniston – who’s [currently] together with singer and Rolex collector John Mayer -has been spotted several times with different Rolex watches. Also, a number of Apollo astronauts have been spotted with their Rolex GMT-Master during missions. Besides their official time piece, the famous Omega Speedmaster Professional, they had a lot of love for the Rolex GMT-Master. There are also quite a few pictures (screen stills) of actors wearing a Rolex in movies. What to think of Robert Redford in All the president’s men, wearing a Rolex? Or Uma Thurman wearing a fake Rolex in Kill Bill vol.2. These lengthy forum discussion about ‘legends’ wearing a Rolex, are full of famous and less famous people. Even if there is only a glimpse of a Rolex under one of their cuffs.

Sylvie van der Vaart – Meis (model and wife of Raphael van der Vaart (soccer player)), in some serious Rolex action.

A ridicilous activity or fun?

p.s. All Dutch girls look like this.