Only in the watch community could a podcast started by members of the community for fun gain as much momentum as the Scottish Watches Podcast has. With its origins in a joke comment made on Instagram in late 2018, it has been the pleasure of many of us to see the growth and development of Rikki Daman and David Sharp’s podcast over the past three years. David and Rikki have been joined by some incredible guests, such as Max Busser, Jean Claude Diver, George Bamford, and more. Now, in celebrating their 300th episode (a first in the world of watch podcasts) they will host Alexia and Evelyne Genta for a very special show.

The chart-topping show has become a staple of watch enthusiasts’ podcast feed. From industry news to interviews, all of their episodes come with a fresh side of hilarious (and always insightful) banter.

Scottish Watches Podcast’s 300th Episode

Daughter and wife of world-renowned watch designer Gerald Genta, Alexia and Evelyne, have not previously appeared on any podcast. Therefore, this episode of the Scottish Watches Podcast will be a world exclusive! This means that this is sure to be an episode full of never-before-heard anecdotes and stories. Gerald Genta is a figure of mythical proportions in the world of watchmaking and needs no introduction. He designed the iconic AP Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus, among many, many others. He is, as such, watch-world royalty. In this episode, two of the people closest to the man behind these great designs will speak with Dave and Rikki. This is sure to be their best episode yet.

Tune in free of charge to your favorite podcast-hosting platform and check out the 300th episode. It is available now. Plus, if you like what you hear, you’ll find another 299 episodes waiting for you. That total will be added to weekly. New episodes drop every Monday and Thursday! Check out the Scottish Watches Podcast site by following this link.