Available as per january 2006 and will cost you about 1900 Euro. The official Seiko site on this watch can be found here.

Thanks Gadget.nl. Otherwise, I still would be able to tell people I liked Seiko for being innovative (Seiko Spring Drive). 🙂

Btw, also via Gadget.nl, this clock that can bring you your voicemail messages…

  • Bas

    This is the first watch that uses e-paper to display the time. Actually, I think it’s the first consumer product that uses this technology. I read it’s only available in Japan in a limited edition of 500 watches, so if you really want it, I don’t think 1900 euro will get you there 🙂

    I think e-paper will really take off in a few years from now, and it will be dirt cheap. I’m quite sure that eventually watches with this kind of display will be cheaper than any other watch.