The Rolex Explorer II gets a lot of attention lately on the Rolex Forum, I found out that there isn’t much out there concerning its history. My attempt to do so, can be read over at MotoringExposure. My automotive counterpart, where I am the editor for the Wednesday Watch blog.

Explorer II, ref.1655 dial. Photo courtesy of my friend SubGMT.

Explorer II, ref.16570 with tritium dial. Photo courtesy of XoFF.

Click here to read about the Rolex Explorer II history and possible future, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

  • JIFF

    Great story RJ… More posts like this!

  • Gjkossen

    I love the 1655 with the orange pointer (also known as the the Steve McQueen which he never wore…) Keep up the great story’s!

  • robbob

    I like the Explorer II and am considering buying a pre-owned one. The only problem is the size. 40mm is a little small these days.

  • steppxxxxz

    a little small?  No, its perfect I think. Trust me that these grotesque 45mm watches will quickly pass out of fashion. Nothing over 42 should ever be worn by any rational person, not a slave to fashion.