Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster Customization, Yay or Nay?

Gerard Nijenbrinks
March 29, 2016
Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster Customization, Yay or Nay?

Never tired of exploring the borders of the Omega Speedmaster Professional world, we bumped into an Italian company named ‘Moontime‘. We touched the topic of Speedmaster customization before (click here), but that was done on personal title. We never ran into a company that is specialized in Speedmaster customization in the way Moontime from Italy does.

Speedmaster CustomizationMoontime is a company which specializes in Omega Speedmaster customization. They promise that ‘the customizations are made by skilled goldsmiths’ and that they are of ‘excellent quality of materials and workmanship’. Also, they guarantee their modified watches for one year.

Speedmaster CustomizationCustomizing watches is nothing new of course. Most of us know Bamford and Project-X (on which we reported here) as customizers of Rolex watches, and we’ve probably all seen, mainly privately, customized Seiko watches as well.

Speedmaster Customization

For us, Moontime was a first in Omega Speedmaster customization though. At Moontime each customized Omega Speedmaster is numbered and has a maximum production of 10 pieces only. Remains the question, would you customize an Omega Speedmaster at all?

Speedmaster Customization

To be honest we did find some designs which more or less appealed to us, however looking at these models we remained to question ourselves if we wouldn’t prefer just the original Speedmaster that was used as a basis to create these customizations. However, if you are able to request your own specific modification, the possibilities are endless.

Speedmaster Customization

The customization Moontime does to an Omega Speedmaster is quite extensive though. Not only the dial is repainted with different graphics and colors, there are alterations to the bezel, the case back, and even to the case itself. And then the watches are supplied in a nice special box. Complete with a matching leather and a stainless steel bracelet, a strap/bracelet changing tool, and a warranty card.

Speedmaster Customization

As we can’t answer this one for you, please judge for yourself. Visit Moontime’s website at and have a stroll through the models they offer at the moment. All pictures used in this article are from the Moontime website.

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