Here we have the second of three Summer Splash Wild Card rounds for your voting pleasure. It’s been a blast combing through your selections. You will notice that I lifted every single suggestion I could find (apologies if I missed any — given my track record throughout this contest, it is highly likely I’ve screwed up somewhere). You may be surprised to see your name or selection on this list, but you shouldn’t be! We read and consider every comment left on our articles and we’re doing our best to get back to all of you in due course. Thanks for your continued engagement. Now I turn things over to you to select your top two in this round…

The top two will go through to the Wild Card Decider, which will be published following the second of the regular Semi-Finals in which we’ll see two of the final four Fratello staff writers go toe-to-toe for a spot in the three-way final. It’s a mad dash to the finish line, but we’re getting closer. Don’t let up now. Let your voice be heard! And hear the Kraken roar!

Green Lumibrite

Conor Whitworth — Seiko S23629J1

Perhaps not as funky as its black and gold brother, the classic black-dialed tuna flies under the radar, making for a stress-free experience anywhere your travels may take you.


Squale 1521 Lume

DaDutchCollection — Squale 1521 Full Luminous

What’s more revolting than a middle-aged man, pre-midlife crisis, smiling at the sight of one of these?

Nothing to be scandalous about, it’s just Peter-Pan syndrome.

The writer requested that the lead image be withheld for dramatic effect… Honestly, you give them an inch…


Ron_W — Something Very Secretive…

Coercion. Bordering on blackmail. I am being dragged back in by a certain Rob N. who is apparently connected to an underwater criminal organization? I was not aware of this until the Watchgate scandal broke and made the headlines. It seems that “once you’re in, you can’t get out” is the principle enforced upon me so I have no option but to make another contribution, but reluctantly so and under protest.

However, it also does give me the opportunity to lash out some more at the many things wrong here in the hope to educate those in charge to do a better job next time (even if such protestations end up costing me my thumbs at the hands of the Kraken). Let that sacrifice not be in vain…

A very important property for a Summer Watch has been overlooked by the Committee: the watch should be cheap and expendable. But why?

Next year’s vacation location and/or summer outfit will be different from this year’s (or at least I hope that is the case for you!). If you happen to be a member of the Geriatrics Annual bus ride to Dusseldorf for the Ausverkauff Freude Tour, please leave now as your bus is boarding on platform 8…

If this year’s watch takes a beating for 2+ months from sand, salty fluids, hairy expeditions, and whatnot, it is beyond sanitizing anyway. It will, by this point, be a Biohazard of which even the Safety Case in Finland should be aware. And if it has an “en vogue” color scheme, it will automatically be “out of vogue” next year. As such, it should be disposed of when the first Autumn leaves start to fall.

That pretty much makes a Summer watch a one-time companion unless you don`t mind looking like a stained Fratelli well past its best before date. And I for one would mind. Even Mobsters dress up well…

So choose cheap and choose wisely and get a Seiko 5. This steel field/fly/swim watch with day-date complication and classy brushed finish I am talking about is the formidable SRPG35K1.

This watch is listed for €280, with a real-world price of only €250! You have some subdued dial colors to choose from and you can strap on a cheap NATO to add more color. It meets the 100m WR threshold, AND IT`S AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL STORE! I also believe it is the cheapest automatic meeting the very, very, very flexible standards here so it should be a winner. And no pain if you toss it, flip it, or gift it to your lovechild after the vacation is over.

The added bonus, and competition killer, is that you will have € 4,750, freed up liquidity to burn on your holiday extravaganzas such as a 5-star hotel with butler service, your powerboat’s fuel consumption, and the pleasures of a nightly Rent-A-Friend in case your social skills are letting you down.

My kind of Summer!

P.S. Given my precarious situation with the “Kraken Kartel”, a water gun is not what I need. I’ll happily take your AR-15 or S&W .357. Please. Help a brother out!

Doxa SUB 300 Professional Watch

Phil — Doxa Sub300

The fact that this watch wasn’t in the original shootout is a sin, only forgiven by the fact that it was another Doxa that made the cut. Who knows, maybe this orange diver will pick up where the carbon Doxa left off?

Adam — Doxa White Pearl Sub 200

Speaking of Doxa, here’s another brilliant pick. What better to keep you cool throughout the summer than an ice-cold diver with a frosty dial?

Threesixnine — Tudor Pelagos Blue

Though the Pelagos LHD made RJ’s top three, some of you would have chosen differently. We saw the Black Bay 58 Blue hit a wall in the first round too, so here’s one final chance for a blue Tudor to end up on the podium!

Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver

Brian-Waller — Nivada Chronomaster (on Beads of Rice)

This watch has a great style that’s perfect for summer driving with the sunroof tilted open and something loud (Jet, Puff Daddy, Chili Peppers, Matt Munro — it’s all good) on the stereo. It’s literally the coolest watch I’ve ever worn. Feels like a mini a/c on my wrist. Sometimes it’s ice-cold and that’s a huge plus here in the desert.

Chris — Nomos Ahoi Neomatik

I abstained from voting as the presented options are all too large, cumbersome, and even expensive to lug around on holiday. If you ask me, I’d take my trusty Nomos Ahoi Neomatik. At 36mm by 8,8mm it’s small, elegant, lightweight, under the radar, and I picked one up for less than 2,5K. If it has to have a bezel, I’d look at the new Serica or my trusty Baltic GMT. 39mm, 12mm high, and lovely watches all around.

Watchaddict — The Breitling Aerospace Evo

The feature-packed Breitling Aerospace is a perfect summer pick. With this watch on your wrist, you could easily leave your phone off in the hotel safe and be prepared for anything the summer might throw at you.

Seiko Prospex SPB185J1.005

Rolf_F — Seiko Prospex SPB185

At just above €1,000, there is absolutely nothing to worry about during summer activities.

Matt R — Casio MDV106B Duro in Blue

Speaking of a worry-free summer! This quartz diver can be yours for less than €100 and the movement inside will keep on running accurately all summer long.

David Boughton — Sinn U1SE

After a long summer day, this stealthy Sinn will glow like a torch all night long!

Summer Splash WILD CARD Round 2

    Together, you must whittle down these twelve picks to just two... You get one vote each. Use it wisely.