During my holiday in Italy, I’ve missed the delivery of the new 39mm Rolex Explorer hitting the local authorized dealers. I’ve kept my eyes open in Italy (see this link), but aside from the new Tudor Heritage Chrono, there wasn’t much ‘new’ to see in the displays. The new Submariner in black and green were already available before my holiday, and the green model surprised me in a positive manner I have to admit.

Anyway, when I got back last weekend, I immediately noticed the availability of the new Rolex Explorer ref. 214270 on some of my sponsor websites. There was also this private seller on the Dutch Rolex Forum offering a BNIB Rolex Explorer 39mm for just above 4K euro.

The picture above is a BNIB Explorer for sale at Precisionwatches, a great and reliable on-line dealer in The Netherlands. His price is 4400 euro, this is under list price (4550 euro).

This new model has – aside the size – a few differences compared to the original and to be discontinued Rolex Explorer 114270. Its movement is of a newer type, caliber 3132. It features a Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil Paraflex shock absorbers. However, I don’t think most Rolex owners will (or do) care about the mechanics inside.

I love this watch, my wife has the original model (114270) and it looks great on her. The fact that this new model is 39mm, would make it suitable for me as well, but I wonder how fast I would be annoyed with the hands of this model. Rolex appearantly used the hands of the 36mm model, which are too short for this new version in my opinion.

  • just a great one.

    I am just saving to get one


    • Guest

      Actually, they are not the same hands.  I bought a new Explorer 39 and it’s beautiful. Hands are perfect too.

      Sometimes we get too used to the current models to the point that ANY improvement is too much.  The size is perfect and it fits a wrist like water…..

  • Boris

    Completely agree with you RJ.

    Love the new Submariner, but for the life of me I don’t understand what they were thinking when keeping the hands of the 36mm version. It just looks plain stupid. Is it really too much to ask that, at EUR 4,550, they sell you a watch with the correct size hands? This is grotesque.

    Also, since they were increasing the size, they could have corrected a gripe many people (including me) had on the 112470: the absence of lume on the 3-6-9 digits.

    So I’ll pass on this one. I will however be very interested to see the new Explorer II (supposedly) coming out next year. From the pictures that have leaked this year, it could be really interesting.

  • Hi Boris,

    I completely agree with you. The Explorer II should/could be very interesting as an alternative.. I am very curious how the final product will look like, with that big orange hand. Hold-on to your money 🙂


  • Karel

    The hands definately are way to small for the watch, which is a real eyesore to me. But wouldn’t it be funny if Rolex started producing the Explorer with larger minutehands? This short-handed version will probably be worth a whole lot more!