It is my great pleasure to announce that the inaugural Speedmaster World Cup will kick-off on Fratello on Saturday the 24th of October (that’s THIS weekend).

In the absence of Euro 2020, we thought our beloved readers might enjoy a tournament of a different kind — The Speedmaster World Cup! We’ve assembled eight groups (A–H), each governed by a different Fratello team member. Each writer has been assigned four watches, which they will pitch to you during the group stages.

All we need you to do is vote for your favorite to move on in the competition. The next round will be the quarter-finals, which will see the eight group winners go head-to-head for your votes. The four winners progress to the semis. Following that, a third-place play-off will precede the final round, due to be held on Sunday, December 13th (get the beers in…).

Speedmaster World Cup

The Group stage contenders

Group A of the Speedmaster World Cup will be presented by our darling head honcho, Lord Silly Pants himself, Robert-Jan Broer. On Sunday the 25th of October, the plucky Brit (Ben Hodges) takes the stage with the four watches of Group B.

Next week, starting on Saturday the 31st, Group C falls to everyone’s second favorite Floridian (after Eva Mendes — born in Miami) to explain. Once Mike has done his business, Jorg will run-through the potential champions in Group D on Sunday the 1st of November.

The World Cup’s very own Hungarian Horntail marches out his quartet of curios on November 7th. The next day, on the 8th of the 11th, G2 does his best to cover an awkward draw with glory as part of his service to Group F.

Rounding out the pack will be Group G of Bert and Group H of yours truly. Once you, our dear readers, have selected your favorite from each Group, the knockout stage can begin in earnest. By this point, hardened hearts will be ready for the fight ahead. There is no joy in participation. There is no happiness in a close-run thing. History will smile upon one humble watch geek and one alone — to the Champion go the spoils…

Speedmaster World Cup

The Knockout stage and key dates

Quarter-final one will be held between the winner of RJ’s Group A and Ben’s Group B on Saturday, November 21st.

Quarter-final two is a brutal, no-doubt masochistic face-off twixt Miami Mike and Jorg “the Hangman” Weppelink. This bloodshed is scheduled for November 22nd.

Praying that the screams of the previous week of World Cup carnage have faded by the time their battle comes to pass will be Balazs and Gerard, due to trade blows on Saturday the 28th.

Big Boi Berti and Bobsled Bobby go toe-to-toe on Sunday the 29th to finish off the quarter-finals. Following that, the semis will be held the following weekend on December 5/6. A week later the third-place playoff (the 12th) and the GRAND FINAL on the 13th will follow. Then, your winner will be crowned.

Speedmaster World Cup

We need YOU!

Here’s hoping you enjoy the ride and the LIMITED EDITION Omega Speedmasters we chose to feature in this year’s Speedmaster World Cup. We want to hear your thoughts. We want your suggestions. There’s nothing stopping us from running a competition like this every year if you guys enjoy it. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Which models did we miss? Who should have won? Which Speedmaster would YOU take to battle as your champion? Set your countdown timers. Let the good times roll…