Tissot struck gold when it released the sharp and crisp PRX Powermatic 80. The Tissot PRX Automatic Chronograph is another retro-powered creation that strikes love into the hearts of watch lovers. And you guessed it right, the watch strikes fear into the hearts of the competition. What makes this first-ever PRX in chronograph mode so impressive and attractive? The video explains everything.

The hard facts are that the Tissot PRX Automatic Chronograph measures 42 × 15.4mm, but that doesn’t explain the watch’s desirability. The price of €1,795 already clears things up a bit more. In the video, I will take you back to the origins of the new PRX, a watch that is based on the 1970s Tissot Seastar Quartz. And you will also get to know about what drives the PRX Automatic Chronograph in the most literal sense. Have a look and be impressed. By the watch, of course.

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