As you can read in my last conversation with Chuck Maddox, we talked about Omega having too many models. At P-Day 3 in Frankfurt I noticed the same for Panerai, they even have a tourbillon diver watch, which is quite ridicilous ofcourse. I discussed it with some people over there, but they didn’t think it would harm the watchindustry because people want to see as much models as possible of their favorite brand. I probably asked it at the wrong place, with a (mostly) Panerai-only public. My watchdealer, Gerard Nijenbrinks, told me the same thing last sunday when I was visitting his store. History is repeating, maybe for different reasons like Chuck said, but a few brands who almost went bankrupt in the late 70s/early 80s do the same thing again. Too many models.

The catalogues by the various brands are getting thicker each year… I would rather see watchmanufacturers evoluting existing models than releasing models next to the existing models with only minor changes.

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