This evening we sat with Tudor and a number of other journalists, bloggers and (on-line) editors in an adventurous setting consisting of a tippi tent in the middle of a dark Swiss forest. A bit earlier, Tudor brought us there with about ten Land Rover Defenders.

It was a setting that – according to Tudor’s head of design – fits the new Tudor North Flag, a watch that brings Tudor back to its roots (being a watch manufacturer, including the development of movements).

Whether the tippi tent brought us back to our roots as well I don’t know, but what I do know is that Tudor had exciting news. The North Flag, a new model that appears to be influenced by the Tudor Ranger II model, has an in-house movement. Something a lot of people thought would be unthinkable, as it would be too close to the core of Rolex.

However, Tudor plays it very clever and is able to give the North Flag a price tag of € 3500 Euro. A very attractive price for a watch with an in-house developed movement, and still miles away from a Rolex sports model.

Tudor North Flag Tudor North Flag Tudor North Flag Tudor North Flag Tudor North Flag Tudor North Flag

Tudor’s caliber MT5621 has been designed, developed and produced in-house, including the production of the most important and essential parts. The movement has been optically finished using laser techniques, the rotor is made of tungsten and has a nice Tudor engraving. Although we love the in-house movement, the appearance of the movement would have also allowed a closed case back in my humble opinion. However, if someone ticked ‘in-house movement’ on his requirements list when buying a watch, he is probably eager to visually enjoy it as well. The Tudor North Flag caliber MT5621 movement has a power reserve of 70 hours, which is a huge plus above competitive ETA movements from Swatch Group or similar Sellita movements. The movement also has an anti-magnetic hair spring, made of silicon.

We will bring you more detailed information on this new North Flag later this week, for now we will show you some photos that we took this evening during the event.

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More information can be found on Also make sure to follow them on Instagram (today they officially opened their own IG account), using @tudorwatch.

  • Rich Tyson

    Fantastic article! Looks like a blast.

    Absolutely thrilled to see this from Tudor. I look forward to seeing how they push the envelope.

  • Thanks @Rich Tyson,

    We do too! Although we’ve read some ‘complaints’ about the finish of the movement, people tend to forget that it is completely done in-house, has a silicon hairspring and a 70 hour power reserve. All for a very competitive price.

    • Rich Tyson

      Complaints about the finishing on a Tudor in house movement? The fact that it exists alone should have everyone jumping for joy.

      And at that price point?!?!

    • I’m actually really eager to see the Flag in person at my local AD when they get one in. I have the ETA Pelagos and it’s smashing, but it’s my only watch and having a Ranger inspired watch mixed with the clean aesthetic of the Pelagos in a watch that isn’t a diver does sound very appealing.

      And that 70hr reserve to boot!

    • M@ster

      I don’t understand the bezel !? is it two pieces: a metal ring and than there under something black ? Can you explain this please ?
      If it would be just a steel bezel the watch would been perfect !
      Thank you

  • David Duggan Watches

    Wishing well for the North Flag..Best wishes from David Duggan Watches.

  • Guest

    You say it is produced in-house. Hodinkee say it’s not made by Rolex but elsewhere in Switzerland. Which is it?

    • Tudor Claims that it is in-house produced, which does not mean that Rolex produced it. Tudor has their own production facilities.