Unimatic is on a roll! The brand has been releasing a lot of new timepieces over these past few weeks and months. The remarkable thing is that a lot of them not only offer new designs but also new functions. The latest addition to the impressive list of team efforts with other brands and retailers is the Unimatic Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS. The watch is a collaboration with the renowned Canadian outdoor brand Henry Singer. This first GMT version of the brand’s fixed-bezel Modello Quattro required a new approach to the brand’s GMT designs. And it probably comes as no surprise that it looks really good.

Can something that you love dearly become old quickly? This is the question I constantly ask myself when I see a new Unimatic release. The Milan-based brand has been gracing us with numerous great ones recently, and every time, I am just as curious as the time before. The secret of that curiosity can be found in Unimatic’s method of exploring new designs, using new materials, and adding my much-beloved GMT function to its timepieces. In a completely new twist, Unimatic and Canadian outdoor brand Henry Singer have collaborated on a great new watch. The Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS proves that my passion for Unimatic is not about to die out. Instead, I find myself loving another one of the brand’s long list of great releases.

The Unimatic Modello Uno and Modello Quattro

The most popular Unimatic model is the Modello Uno. The brand’s minimalist dive watch has become a hit in that genre and has proven to be a great GMT timepiece as well. And as many of you know, we have seen quite a few Modello Uno GMT models released lately. Therefore, I have written a dedicated article on the recent Modello Uno GMTs. Given that a GMT version of the Modello Uno inspires new designs, it is quite stunning to see all the creative solutions that the Unimatic guys have come up with. Standouts for me are the titanium U1S-TGMT and the brilliant U1S-GMT-RR “Arctic Fox” created with Wei Koh from Revolution & The Rake.

But this new collaborative effort is a different beast. The Modello Quattro is Unimatic’s military-style watch based on the Modello Uno. It comes with the same 40mm stainless steel case but exchanges the rotating dive bezel for a fixed stainless steel bezel. This makes the Modello Quattro a sturdy and more straightforward timepiece than the Modello Uno. But it still benefits from the same minimalist design approach that Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato came up with as the canvas for all their timepieces. As an owner of one of the Modello Quattro models, I can say that the same design signature works very well. But does it have what it takes to integrate a GMT complication?

Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

Finding a balance in the Unimatic design approach

I could have guessed the answer because I firmly believe that the canvas Moro and Nunziato created works. Not only that, but it also leads to great-looking timepieces that show the versatility of a seemingly minimal design approach. And that’s where the secret is. Moro explained in an interview that they tried developing their design by stripping it of unnecessary decoration. With that approach, it leaves plenty of room to add elements. But it still takes a great designer’s eye to ensure that the initial minimalist design signature is not lost.

Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

Additionally, there needs to be a balance between pure minimalism and the new elements of any added function. Lastly, the piece’s overarching idea or concept also needs to come across as the main visual attraction. And up until now, the designs have always worked well, no matter what the function or the concept was. The instantly recognizable design characteristics seem to do the trick every time, and the same goes for this new GMT version of the Modello Quattro. Moro and Nunziato managed to create a great-looking timepiece that packs tons of character and combines it with the perfect integration of the GMT function.

The design of the Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

So let’s look at the details of this new timepiece. The Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS features a Grade 2 sandblasted titanium case. The case measures 40mm wide, 12.4mm thick, 49mm from lug to lug, and 22mm between the lugs. And just like the Modello Uno, it is water resistant to 300 meters. In November 2022, Unimatic presented its first titanium timepieces. But this new Modello Quattro is not just the first GMT version, it’s also the first with a titanium case. As such, it is lightweight and easy to wear while still keeping that utilitarian appearance. I love the sandblasted look and feel that it suits the watch perfectly.

Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

Regarding the overall looks, Unimatic and Canadian retailer Henry Singer were inspired by “the dynamic nature of Canada’s elements.” It has resulted in a very nice gray dial with a silver 24-hour GMT scale on its periphery. The instantly recognizable hour markers and phantom ladder hands are filled with Super-LumiNova in a light “old radium” tone. The soft yellow color contrasts very nicely with the gray dial. Additionally, the combination of the two colors works very well on the seconds and GMT hands. It creates a super stylish watch and effortlessly integrates the GMT function in its design.

Powered by an ETA 2893-2 movement

Underneath the engraved case back, Unimatic chose to equip the U4S-T-HS with an ETA 2893-2 movement. The case back features a special engraving marking the collaboration with Henry Singer. In addition to that, it features an engraving with the unique number of every watch in this 100-piece series. When it comes to the GMT movements, we have seen Unimatic use both Sellita and ETA movements for its GMT models. The automatic ETA 2893-2 is a caller GMT movement that operates at 28,800vph and has a 42-hour power reserve. This movement allows you to independently set the GMT hand in one-hour increments. It also features a date function, which Unimatic has neatly integrated into the dial at 6 o’clock. 

Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

The date disc is in the same gray hue as the dial with silver printing that matches the 24-hour GMT scale. And speaking of matching, the watch comes with two straps that perfectly suit the overall look. The first is a gray TPU two-piece strap in line with the dial color. It gives the watch a very stylish, almost monochromatic look, but the cream-colored hands and markers offer a great vintage-inspired touch. The second strap is a gray/cream-colored nylon NATO strap in the same colors as those on the dial. 

Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

Initial impressions of the Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS

I have to give both Unimatic and Henry Singer a big compliment for creating yet another brilliant-looking watch. I realize that I might sound like a broken record for constantly praising Unimatic. But if the results look like this, there is no reason not to applaud what the Unimatic guys always come up with. Turning the Modello Quattro into a GMT works well, very well. I love seeing this new exploration in design as it shows once more that the possibilities are endless.

The design concept that Henry Singer and Unimatic came up with makes it work even better. While I could easily see the Modello Quattro GMT in different, more punchy colors, this is the perfect execution to kick off the series. The color combination is stylish and has plenty of vintage-inspired charm to make it a great daily wearer. That’s why I do not doubt that all 100 pieces will sell out very quickly. They are now available through the Unimatic website, the Henry Singer website and stores, and the Hodinkee Shop for US$1,995. This makes the Modello Quattro equally priced to the Modello Uno GMT models. I have to say that once again, I am very tempted to start collecting Unimatic timepieces only. They impress me time and again with new designs and great executions. 

What do you think of the Unimatic × Henry Singer Modello Quattro U4S-T-HS? Let us know in the comments section.